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Johnny Hekker drew a lizard in a Santa hat riding a missile and some other cool things.

Johnny Hekker is drawing the requests of his Twitter fans and of course the drawings are great.

Johnny Hekker is a man of many talents. He's an All Pro punter, a special teams bad boy, something along the lines of a co-pilot, a daredevil, a trick shot artist, a redditor and just a nice guy.  I'm sure I missed something.

Oh, of course I did. He's also an artist. Yes, Johnny is drawing again.

A lizard in a Santa hat riding a missile? Check.

A turtle with a top hat and monocle? Yup.

There's a dragon that's actually a Charizard in a Rams shirt that's juuuust too small.

A masterpiece for the local radio show.

A penguin hand gliding. A must.

And the usual football in a bowtie. Of course.

Forget about the draft and waiting for the Rams to make a move in free agency. Johnny Hekker's masterpieces and Chris Long's blocking crusade are the real shows of the offseason.

Well, maybe not exactly.

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