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Random Ramsdom: March 11: St. Louis Rams - Free Agency Edition

Today marks the beginning of both the new league year, and the free agency signing period. Will the Rams make a last-ditch effort to re-sign Rodger Saffold? Will they try to sign either Alterraun Verner or Jairus Byrd? Perhaps make a move on repairing the fast-disintegrating offensive line? Or will it be all quiet on the Rams front?

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Wonderful goodbye to Cortland Finnegan:

Will the Rams sign Alterraun Verner? Jairus Byrd?:

Goodbye to a warrior: you want the Rams to trade down...I sure do:

Sounds like a troll to me...I'm just more used to the Bradford kind:

Free Agency Primers

Arizona Cardinals - ESPN

Seattle Seahawks - ESPN

San Francisco 49er's - ESPN

St. Louis Rams - ESPN

ESPN's NFC West correspondents briefly examine each team, heading into free agency. The Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks have some work to do if they wish to keep their roster intact.

10 Teams That Should Dominate Free Agency: Grantland

The Rest Of The NFL Shopping Season: Grantland

Bill Barnwell's take on free agency for all 32 NFL teams: who they should cut, who they should keep, and who they should sign.

Top 101 NFL Free Agents For 2014:

Chris Wesseling and Gregg Rosenthal list their top 101 free agents. They organize the list into four value tiers: difference makers, impact starters, starters with questions, and players effective in the right role. Number 1 on their list? Safety Jairus Byrd.

Top Free Agents By Position:

The Around The League analysts offer up their top free agents at each position. Free agents in the secondary and the offensive line abound this year.

Top 30 NFL free agents: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Jim Thomas lists his top 30 free agents hitting the open market today. Safety Jairus Byrd tops his list of available free agents.

Free agency, a primer: S.I. MMQB

Sports Illustrated's Peter King examines ten things to look for when the free agency signing period begins.

NFL Free Agency Primer: CBS Sports

Jason La Canfora offers his take on the opening of free agency.

Draft Prospects Highlight Reel: CB - Justin Gilbert - Oklahoma State

Rams Chat Rewind: ESPN NFC West

Nick Wagoner's weekly question and answer session, covering all things related to the Rams.

The 100% real and final guide to NFL Free Agency: SB Nation - PFT Commenter

Take all of the best attributes of the funniest commenter's on TST...combine them into one person...and voila, you have yourself PFT Commenter.

How To Replace Rodger Saffold: Top 2014 NFL Draft Guard Prospects: Ramblin' Fan

Some nice selections in this piece. Missing? Gabe Jackson, Cyril Richardson, and Spencer Long, to name three.

2014 NFL Free Agents: Rotoworld

The Rotoworld free agent tracker is among the best for following transactions as they occur.

Free agent issues and advice for 16 NFC teams: USA Today

USA Today provides a snapshot of each teams' roster, free agents, issues, and advice on the best of course of action heading into free agency.

Stat Facts Of The Week: Three-And-Out Percentage

Three and Out Drives
Team Three and Out Drive Percentage Total Drives Three And Out Drives
1 San Diego Chargers 13.77 167 23
2 Denver Broncos 15.35 202 31
3 New England Patriots 18.41 201 37
4 Detroit Lions 18.88 196 37
5 Philadelphia Eagles 19.40 201 39
6 Kansas City Chiefs 19.80 197 39
7 Dallas Cowboys 20.22 183 37
8 Houston Texans 20.40 201 41
9 Green Bay Packers 20.43 186 38
10 Chicago Bears 20.88 182 38
11 New Orleans Saints 20.99 181 38
12 Arizona Cardinals 21.00 200 42
13 Carolina Panthers 21.18 170 36
14 Atlanta Falcons 21.23 179 38
15 Seattle Seahawks 22.53 182 41
16 Indianapolis Colts 22.87 188 43
17 Cincinnati Bengals 22.89 201 46
18 Oakland Raiders 23.20 194 45
19 Tennessee Titans 23.37 184 43
20 Minnesota Vikings 23.59 195 46
21 Washington Redskins 23.62 199 47
22 Miami Dolphins 23.71 194 46
23 Cleveland Browns 24.10 195 47
24 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24.47 188 46
25 Buffalo Bills 24.77 214 53
26 San Francisco 49ers 24.87 189 47
27 Pittsburgh Steelers 24.87 189 47
28 Baltimore Ravens 27.05 207 56
29 St. Louis Rams 28.26 184 52
30 New York Giants 28.92 204 59
31 New York Jets 29.08 196 57
32 Jacksonville Jaguars 30.77 195 60

Three-and- out drive percentage measures a teams ability to maintain possession of the football and sustain drives. The lower the percentage, the more successful a team is in sustaining drives (and scoring points). The Rams ranked 29th in the NFL in this vital statistic.


NFL free agency inspires caution among league's winning teams:

A cautionary tale from's Albert Breer:

"A study of the 12 playoff teams from last season revealed that the league's elite use free agency to augment rather than overhaul. Among the five highest-paid players on each playoff participant in 2013 -- a pool of 60 players total -- 42 represented home-grown talent while eight were acquired via trade. Just 10 were free-agent additions."

The Rams Release Harvey Dahl: Turf Show Times

I will never forget what Harvey Dahl did - in the Carolina game - in support of Sam Bradford. And boy did he ever let everyone know what "holding" was(n't):

Harvey Dahl - That's not F***ing holding! (via TEKster08)

Why The Rams Should Shy Away From The Big Names In Free Agency: Ramblin' Fan

Maybe this is the best strategy for the Rams to put in place:

"Shying away during free agency and signing players that will add depth, but still make an impact and build through the draft, might be the way to go in 2014."

Saffold's apparent exit magnifies a big area of need for Rams: Fox Sports Midwest

The Rams offensive line could have 4 new starters come September. By far the Rams' biggest area of need.

On This Day In Sports History

1941 - NFL Hall of Fame inductee Bronko Nagurski defeats Ray Steele to become NWA World Wrestling Champion. The Canadian-born Nagurski played for the Chicago Bears, while enjoying another career as a professional wrestler.


The free agent countdown - 100-51: S.I. - MMQB

The free agent countdown - 50-1: S.I. - MMQB

Sports Illustrated's MMQB lists their top 100 free agents.

Rams must rebuild offensive line: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"Jeff Fisher and general manager Les Snead face a huge offensive line challenge. The Rams could experience an extreme makeover at that critical position."

Saffold heading elsewhere: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Rodger Saffold's agent informed Kevin Demoff of his clients intention to sign with another team. Good luck in your career Rodger!

Dahl's release no surprise...but that OL: ESPN NFC West

To put this into perspective, when free agency begins today, the Rams have only two players on the roster manning the guard positions: Barrett Jones and Brandon Washington.


Jairus Byrd looking for big money: Rams News Now - Video

Safety Jairus Byrd will be looking for $9 million plus per year as a free agent. Will he get that much? Would/should the Rams pay that much?

Who are the ten best drafting teams in the NFL?: Football Nation

The Rams crack FN's top ten list. That's what two quality drafts in a row will do for your rankings. Let's hope the Rams make it three in a row in May.

The NFL's best GM's: NBC Sports Rotoworld

The NFL's best GM's will all be busy during the opening of the free agent signing period. Les Snead ranks 21st on the list.

Nuggets from Rams' free agent trail: ESPN NFC West

Nick Wagoner rounds up all the action regarding the Rams, rumours, and the free agency market.

Top 10 Offensive Tackles In The NFL Draft: Cover 32 Rams

Cover 32 examines the 2014 draft offensive tackle class. By all appearances, the interior offensive line is the Rams' greatest need. Are the offensive tackle positions that far behind?

St. Louis Rams' Weekly Salary (Re-Cap)

I will be publishing a complete salary cap update for the Rams later this morning, outlining their current salary cap situation heading into the opening of free agency. Stay tuned!


Pre-free agency mock draft: Pro Football Talk

I imagine mock drafts will undergo massive changes, after the first couple days of free agency are completed.

Rams don't expect a free agent frenzy: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Will the Rams make a big splash in the free agent market?

"When you look at free agency, this is the year we’ve targeted probably to be a little less active ... than others." Rams executive vice president Kevin Demoff "

With Saffold out, the Rams could chase Verner: ESPN NFC West

It looks like the Rams will be saving some major cap dollars by not re-signing Rodger Saffold. Will they spend those dollars on CB Alterraun Verner instead? Or on Jairus Byrd?

Free Agent Tracker: ESPN

A handy-dandy webpage for keeping track of all the free agent happenings.

Calculating 2014 NFL free agent target prices: CBS Sports

Former agent Joel Corry gives his take on what free agents can expect to receive this year.

Rams' offensive line thinning out: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Could the Rams bring back Harvey Dahl at a later date?:

“We have expressed to Harvey that we have interest in bringing him back,” Fisher said. “Harvey’s done great things for this organization and this team, and was a mainstay of our offensive line the last two years."

Blast From The Past: Classic Rock Tuesday: Eric Burdon & War - Spill The Wine

Eric Burdon & War - Spill The Wine (via myBeatclub)

Please have a great Tuesday and a Ramtastic week!