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Why Safety Is The Biggest Need For The Rams

Should the St. Louis Rams draft a safety in the first round?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Just like every team in the NFL the St. Louis Rams have needs across their roster. Whether the team tries to draft a player - or improve the roster through free agency - is something we'll have to wait to see. The position the Rams need to upgrade early is at safety.

Going into last season safety was the position that had the biggest question marks. The Rams decided they could live without their starting safeties Craig Dahl and Quinton Mikell prior to the 2013 season. So in 2013, the Rams were forced to start safeties who didn't have experience and the results were as expected. However, now the Rams have a chance at upgrading their weakest position.

Here's a list of the Rams safeties last season.




T.J. McDonald

53 1/4

Rodney McLeod

79/2 Forced Fumbles 2/7

Matt Giordano

14 1/1

Darian Stewart

36 5 deflections

The reason why the Rams need a starting safety is the only starting caliber player they have at the position T.J. McDonald. The Rams two veteran safeties - Giordano and Stewart - ended up as backups and are currently slated to be free agents, and the Rams more than likely won't bring them back. McLeod is a solid piece to the defense, but should he start safety? If need be, but the Rams could seriously upgrade over McLeod. That's not to say that McLeod is a bad player. He was a surprise for the Rams, however he doesn't have the range to be an outstanding safety. There's nothing wrong with being a backup/emergency player, since depth and development is something that the Rams have been missing. Yes, the Rams can have more than two safeties on the field.

The Rams secondary has been a weakness. However, if the Rams do end up drafting a safety the team could potentially have a good young corp. Who knows. maybe a safety the coaches trust could stop the Rams corners from playing deep all the time in coverage. This team really needs a player with range. If this happens the Rams defense can finally take the next step.