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Scouting Breakdowns: Calvin Pryor

Taking a look at Calvin Pryor and his potential fit for the Rams


Safety is a position of need for the Rams. It would be a real surprise if the Rams don't acquire a starting caliber safety before the season starts. The Rams could decide to bring in a veteran, however they could always groom their own safety in the draft, so let's look at Calvin Pryor.

Pryor is an interesting safety. He didn't get a lot of publicity before the season ended, but now many people have the Louisville safety as a 1st round choice. Should Rams use a 1st round pick for Pryor, or should they look elsewhere?


208 lb/ 6'2 feet tall


Should be a good blitzer

Can read the QB and make a jump on the ball

Could be okay in a slot role from time to time

Good ball skills when it's in the air.

Isn't afraid of sticking his nose in the running game

Has really good straight line speed

Loves his hustle

Loves being physical and contact

Good run defender at times.....

Have you ever heard of separating man and ball? That's Pryor to the T.


Pryor takes poor angles at times

Doesn't display proper tackling technique; lowers his shoulder and attempts to place a big hit, also fails to properly wrap up

Will have unnecessary roughness calls called on him.

Moves to fast at times, and it causes him to overrun the ball carrier and run his way out of the play or just miss the tackle

Videos on Pryor

Thoughts on Pryor

Pryor is a player that I've kept my eye on for a good deal of the year. He's an imposing safety; a player who could strike fear in opposing offensive players. Pryor will also make mistakes that could cost his defense yards when ever he misses a tackle, or on unnecessary roughness calls he seems destined get. Pryor has his share of negatives, but he should be a starting safety day one. He has good range, and although he has negatives, good coaching could turn him into a really good safety. His best role will probably be a strong safety day one, but with his speed and the way he plays the ball, it wouldn't surprise me if a team either played him at free safety, or used him in an interchangeable role where he rotates from free and strong.

Would he fit on the Rams?

The Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher has talked about his safeties being interchangeable; being able to play in the box or deep safety. Pryor should be able to do both. He would probably be better than any of the other safeties the Rams currently have playing deep. I don't trust him deep as much as I would with HaHa Clinton Dix, but he would be an upgrade over what the Rams have at safety. He does have loads of upside, and the talent to be really good.