Billiken's Mock 2.0

Mocks are spawned out of boredom, and this is no exception. Keep reading for some groundbreaking ideas….

Note: Rodger Saffold resigned, Kendall Langford and Cortland Finnegan stay

Trade #1: STL 1.2 to CLE for 1.4, 1.26 and 4.4

Cleveland wants Johnny Manziel, and they overpay a bit to get him.

Trade #2: STL 1.4 (via CLE) to OAK for 1.5, 4.5

We pit Oakland and Minnesota against each other for Blake Bortles. Minnesota drops out because they don’t want to reach on another QB, considering what happened with Ponder.

Round 1, Pick 5

Greg Robinson – OT – Auburn


A bit of a tough spot here. No more trade offers flow in, so Snead and Fisher have to choose between Robinson and Watkins. In the end the nod is given to Robinson, because of his versatility, upside, and mauling ability. Also, Robinson isn’t expected to make it past Atlanta at #6 if the Ram’s pass on him. Sammy Watkins may be available later….

Trade #3: STL 1.13, 2.13 to TB for 1.7

Round 1, Pick 7

Sammy Watkins – WR - Clemson


BIG MOVE! Atlanta chooses either Jake Matthews or Anthony Barr at 6 (take your pick) and Tampa Bay is looking to trade back. Snisher jump’s on the opportunity and deals up. Watkins is our true #1, the perfect complement to Tavon and Stedman.

Trade #4: STL 1.26 (via CLE), 3.13 to BAL for 1.17

Ozzie Newsome is a wheeler-dealer like Snead, and he figures he can target a tackle or receiver at #26.

Round 1, Pick 17

Calvin Pryor – S – Louisville


Didn’t expect this? Me neither, I just couldn’t not draft Pryor. The more tape I watch, the more I’m convinced that he’s our FS. He adept in coverage, has great ball skills and closing speed, all while being a true sledgehammer.

Trade #5: STL 4.4 (via CLE), 4.5 (via OAK), 6.13 to Anyone in Round 3

I didn’t much like not having a pick in rounds 2 or 3, so I made deal to acquire one. Thanks to previous trade backs and compensatory picks, we have the ammo to do so.

Round 3

Keith McGill – CB – Utah


Yes, I’ve been jumping the gun lately, calling McGill a 2nd rounder. While he is a fine physical specimen, the tape doesn’t lie. McGill’s true value will fall here, because of his rawness and unreliable run support. Snisher see’s the upside and deals picks.

Round 4, Pick 13

AJ McCarron – QB – Alabama


AJ McCarron may have just stumbled on the most ingenious way to artificially lower your draft stock. He pulled out of the Senior Bowl and declined his Combine invite. All teams will have to go off of is the tape and his pro day. All we know from the tape is that he doesn’t have incredible arm strength and he never had to stretch the field much at ‘Bama. He’s a game manager, just call him Alex Smith 2.0.

Round 5, Pick 13

Brandon Thomas – OG – Clemson


Played tackle at Clemson but will have to kick inside to guard at the next level. Ram’s talked to him at the Senior Bowl, so there’s a connection there. He possesses incredibly long arms and could eventually be a starter.

Round 6 (Compensatory)

Lamin Barrow – LB – LSU


Barrow is a very athletically gifted, but raw linebacker. He has experience on special teams and could be an immediate contributor there. Could even compete for the SOLB spot.

Round 7, Pick 13

Kenny Ladler – S – Vanderbilt

Good length and instincts, but not an elite athlete. Good depth guy.

Round 7 (Compensatory)

Brent Urban – DT – Virginia

This big ‘ol Canadian was recruited as a defensive end out of highschool but has since put on the weight to be a dtackle. Shows flashes of brilliance but is very, very inconsistent. Rotational guy.

Round 7 (Compensatory)

Aaron Colvin – CB – Oklahoma

Great opportunity here, the Rams can grab a third round talent in the 7th round. Colvin tore his ACL at the Senior Bowl, so he will have to "redshirt" his rookie season.

Round 7 (Compensatory)

Spencer Long – OG – Nebraska

Same deal as Colvin here. Long could have been a 3rd, maybe even 2nd, round guard. Long tore his ACL during the season and has not been able to participate in any pre-draft events. Rookie season redshirt.


Isaiah Crowell, RB, Alabama State – I recently wrote a piece on Crowell, in which I outlined his talent and off the field concerns. I think he could knock Pead off the roster, considering Crowell stays out of trouble.