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Today in Twitter Conversations: Greg Robinson

The best NFL Draft conversations are on Twitter. Not all of us have the time to monitor every 140 character tweet, so here's an exchange of tweets about OT Greg Robinson that caught my attention.

Kevin C. Cox

Greg Robinson lit up the NFL Combine. He ran a 4.92-40 at 322 pounds. That's ridiculously impressive. However, Robinson is still learning and is raw in comparison to tackles Jake Matthews and Taylor Lewan. Still, we're all drooling at his gliding feet, sheer athleticism and ability to run block.

This all (sorta) leads to another question, prompted by NFL's Daniel Jeremiah.

Daniel's question stunned my brain. Some may come to an answer easier than I did - because I still haven't. Which tadem would you choose?

I hope to turn Today in Twitter Conversations into a series. Tweet me and let me know what you think!