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St. Louis Rams, free agent roundup: Alterraun Verner, Titans not making progress

Santonio Holmes? Alterraun Verner? A scan of things on the free agency front has all kinds of interesting news and speculation about players connected to the Rams.

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The Combine is over. Furor over 40 times has since been replaced with a steady trickle of free agent news and rumors. As far as the St. Louis Rams go, there are a few things bubbling up this week that are worth keeping an eye on as we round the corner to when the free agent starting gun goes off on March 11.

No progress between Verner & the Titans

This is a situation to keep an eye on, since the Rams are said to have interest in the Tennessee corner. Both Jeff Fisher and Gregg Williams are familiar with the guy who is likely to be the prize of the cornerback class this year, a very expensive prize. With more cap room and a potential cut of Cortland Finnegan, the Rams have the money to be players ... so do a lot of other teams.

As I've said before, the problem I have with this move is that it's spending money on a position where the Rams shouldn't have to spend big bucks. Janoris Jenkins and Trumaine Johnson, now entering their third season, should have the starting corner roles locked down, allowing the front office to spend that money in other areas of need. Verner definitely makes the defense better, but it comes at an opportunity cost for other trouble spots on the roster. The development of young players who aren't defensive linemen is starting to be a real concern.

Santonio Holmes -- Brian Scottenheimer reunion?

As unlikely as it sounds, it's a possibility to at least keep in mind. The Jets are expected to release him. He'll be 30 this season, and hasn't topped 1,000 yards since 2009, with the Steelers. It's also worth noting that he and Schottenheimer were part of a Jets locker room that started to eat its own tail in 2011, before the Jets fired Schottenheimer.

Hopefully, the Rams don't get involved in the chase for Holmes. They need receiving help, but they've already invested heavily in speedsters, not to mention the potential for distraction.

Jeremy Maclin staying in Philly or not?

The Eagles want Maclin back, and he wants to be back, according to very happy reports today. They're apparently at odds over contract length, with the team wanting to lock him up to a multi-year deal and Maclin wanting a one-year contract to cash in next year.

A one-year deal might actually be a good thing for the Rams, if some other team doesn't make him some gargantuan offer he can't refuse. Remember, Washington has about $30 million cap space this year, finally, so someone's going to get overpaid out there.

I'm really not sure if the Rams will spend on a receiver. Taking Les Snead at face value, they seem pretty content with the young group they have now. Then again, they did interview Sammy Watkins, who would be a much better addition, much cheaper, than any free agent.