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Random Ramsdom: February 26: St. Louis Rams - Free Agency Cometh

As the NFL Scouting Combine winds today, the focus will turn towards the new league year which begins March 11. The free agency signing period also begins on March 11. What roster moves will the Rams make before then? Who will they target in free agency? Who will the Rams re-sign from their own free agents? The answers to these questions should become clearer in the next 2-3 weeks.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports


Maybe the Rams need to trade down and get more picks?:

Not so good news for Rams fans?: be just out of college and ready to take on the NFL:

More wiggle room for the Rams' salary cap?:

Rams must get this draft right: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Bernie Miklasz examines six different possibilities for the Rams' two first-round picks in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Top 10 free agent offensive linemen in the NFL: Cover 32 Rams

Could the Rams be looking to bolster their offensive line with a free agent addition? Or should they re-sign Rodger Saffold, and draft additional depth?

Watkins, Clinton-Dix Make Most Sense For Rams Right Now: 101 ESPN Sports

Randy Karraker makes a strong argument for the Rams drafting WR Sammy Watkins and S Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix, with their two picks in the first round.

No contract offer yet for Saffold from Rams: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Rams officials met with Rodger Saffold's representatives this past Saturday. Although no contract offer was presented on the weekend, the Rams are expected to make one very shortly.

GM For A Day: St. Louis Rams: Sports On Earth

Russ Lande shares his off season assessment of the Rams, as part of a series looking at all 32 NFL teams. The secondary, offensive line, and offensive play makers feature prominently in his analysis.

Draft Prospects Highlight Reel: Anthony Barr - Linebacker - UCLA

Anthony Barr 2013 Highlights ᴴᴰ (via ASPSportsHD)

The battle within: National Football Post

Former GM Jerry Angelo gives an inside look at the process NFL teams go through, in determining which players will improve their respective rosters.

Why Sammy Watkins needs to be a Ram: ESPN NFC West

Nick Wagoner shares his reasons for believing Sammy Watkins should be at the top of the Rams' wish list in May.

Where Will The Top 2014 NFL Free Agents Land?: Over The Cap

Not with the Rams, according to the good folks at OTC. The Rams will not have the cap space to sign the biggest free agents...or will they?

Ten Rams-related combine takeaways: ESPN NFC West

A consensus seems to be forming regarding who will be the top ten or so players in the upcoming NFL draft:

"In talking to a handful of scouts and personnel types, there seems to be a consensus forming in terms of who the top 10 or 11 players are but not in how they would go. Clowney, Robinson, Matthews, Watkins, Buffalo linebacker Khalil Mack, UCLA linebacker Anthony Barr, Michigan tackle Taylor Lewan, Bortles, Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and Texas A&M wideout Mike Evans."

Johnny Manziel impressed Raiders at combine:

Johnny Football left a lasting impression on at least two teams the Rams could be looking at, as potential trade partners with the #2 pick in the draft: Oakland and Jacksonville.

Stat Facts Of The Week: Team Passing Big Play Differential

Team Passing Big Play Differential
Team Passing Big Plays Opponent Passing Big Plays Passing Big Play Differential
1 Seattle Seahawks 38 15 23
2 New Orleans Saints 41 22 19
3 Cincinnati Bengals 37 25 12
4 Philadelphia Eagles 48 36 12
5 Houston Texans 34 24 10
6 Denver Broncos 46 37 9
7 New York Giants 28 20 8
8 Cleveland Browns 27 19 8
9 Tennessee Titans 33 26 7
10 Pittsburgh Steelers 32 25 7
11 Green Bay Packers 44 39 5
12 St. Louis Rams 26 23 3
13 Carolina Panthers 23 21 2
14 Chicago Bears 35 34 1
15 Buffalo Bills 29 29 0
16 Arizona Cardinals 28 28 0
17 Washington Redskins 32 32 0
18 Detroit Lions 33 34 -1
19 San Diego Chargers 35 38 -3
20 Oakland Raiders 27 30 -3
21 San Francisco 49ers 25 29 -4
22 New York Jets 34 38 -4
23 Miami Dolphins 24 28 -4
24 Atlanta Falcons 22 29 -7
25 Baltimore Ravens 27 34 -7
26 Indianapolis Colts 26 35 -9
27 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20 30 -10
28 New England Patriots 26 36 -10
29 Dallas Cowboys 32 43 -11
30 Minnesota Vikings 24 39 -15
31 Jacksonville Jaguars 23 41 -18
32 Kansas City Chiefs 23 43 -20

Passing big plays are defined as completions of 25 + yards. The Rams ranked a respectable 12th overall in Passing Big Play Differential. Their defense accounted for the better part of this ranking. While the offense ranked 24th in Passing Big Plays, the Rams' defense finished 6th in fewest Passing Big Plays allowed.

On This Day In Sports History

1935 - The New York Yankees release Babe Ruth, who subsequently signs with the Boston Braves.

A nostalgic look back at the 1980 Super Bowl, featuring the Los Angeles Rams and the Pittsburgh Steelers:

Super Bowl (XIV) 1980 Los Angeles Rams vs Pittsburgh Steelers (via Lombardi Trophy)

Pressers And Videos

Coach Rick Venturi on Jadeveon Clowney:

Les Snead on Sam Bradford's recovery:

Les Snead on trading down the #2 pick:

Which DB's have impressed at the combine: - Video

Pat Kirwan's Combine observations: CBS Sports - Video

Mike Mayock on Jadeveon Clowney: - Video

Exclusive interview with Jeff Fisher: St. Louis Rams Official Website

Nick Wagoner talks draft trades: Rams News Now

Exclusive interview with Les Snead: St. Louis Rams Official Website

Jeff Fisher's Combine press conference: St. Louis Rams Official Website

Les Snead's Combine press conference: St. Louis Rams Official Website

Pete Prisco interviews Les Snead: CBS Sports


What Clowney's big day means for the Rams: ESPN NFC West

Clowney's performance at the combine could mean a lot of things for the Rams. There are a lot of moving parts to the Clowney equation. One thing is for certain: it didn't make the #2 pick in the draft any less valuable.

The curious case of Jim Harbaugh: Grantland

Multiple reports indicate tension between Jim Harbaugh and the Niners: S.I. Audibles

Could Jim Harbaugh be on his way out as coach of the San Francisco 49'ers?

Updating Rams' 1st Round Big Board: Bleacher Report

All of the familiar names are here, with a couple of twists: DT's Aaron Donald and Tim Jernigan, and WR Jordan Matthews.

Johnny Manziel blows an impressive 0.20 on the NFL Combine Breathalyzer Test: Sports Pickle

A tongue-in-cheek look at how Johnny Manziel fared at the combine this past week.

The little things that make Sammy Watkins a big deal: Rookie Scouting Portfolio - Matt Waldman

Matt Waldman takes an in-depth look at WR Sammy Watkins.


Cap Will Be Higher Than $132 million: Pro Football Talk

Good news for the Rams. Initially the salary cap was estimated to rise $3.3 million (to $126.3 million). Those figures have since gone up - in succession - to $130 million, $132 million, and now $135 million.

Snead: Don't put too much stock in GM ties: ESPN NFC West

Will Les Snead's connections to the likes of Atlanta's Tom Dimitroff play a role in this years NFL draft?

Rams can't go wrong with the #2 pick: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

I think Bryan Burwell nailed this right on the head:

"No matter what they do, they can’t go wrong with that valuable draft choice."

2014 NFL Combine: Value of QB's in question as OT's are climbing: CBS Sports

Pat Kirwan shares his observations from the just-concluded NFL Combine.

Clowney could be Rams' ace in the hole: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Everyone has been talking about teams trading up with the Rams to take a QB. If Jadeveon Clowney is not chosen by Houston, expect the Rams to receive offers for the #2 pick, specifically with Clowney in mind.

Snead says there's no way Rams will take a QB with the second pick: Pro Football Talk

Look for the Rams to select a developmental QB in the middle rounds of this years draft. The #2 pick? They will likely try to trade it down. If they remain at #2, the selection will come down to Greg Robinson, Jadeveon Clowney, Jake Matthews, and Sammy Watkins.


St. Louis Rams' Weekly Salary "Re-Cap"

The NFL salary cap for 2014 will be announced in the next couple of weeks. From reports, it could be anywhere from $126.3 million to $135 million. For teams like the Rams - with a tight cap space situation - it's a welcome relief. On Thursday I will publish a complete, in-depth examination of the Rams' salary cap situation, both for the team and each individual player. The accompanying chart - courtesy of SB Nation - shows the growth of the NFL salary cap since 2005:


Greg Robinson fits Rams in many ways: ESPN NFC West

Nick Wagoner takes a look at what drafting OT Greg Robinson could mean, to the future of the offensive line.

NFL Monday Combine Musings: CBS Sports

Pete Prisco shares his thoughts about the Combine, under-the-radar free agents to watch for, and Johnny Manziel.

Rams reiterate commitment to Bradford: ESPN NFC West

Enough least for 2014.

What to do at #2? Rams play wait-and-see with Texans: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

I suspect we won't know what Houston will do with the top pick in the draft until very close to the first night at Radio City Music Hall.

2014 NFL Mock Draft: Bleacher Report

The Rams select DE Jadeveon Clowney and OT Taylor Lewan in the first round of the latest mock draft from BR.

Rams Chat Highlights: Jim Thomas: Rams News Now

The PD's Jim Thomas' weekly question and answer period, on all matters related to the Rams.

Blast From The Past: Classic Rock Wednesday: The Eagles - Desperado

Eagles - Desperado (Live) (via Warner Music Germany)

Please have a great Wednesday and a Ramtastic week!