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Scouting Report: CB/S Lamarcus Joyner

Taking a look at Lamarcus Joyner

Al Messerschmidt

Florda State corner Lamarcus Joyner is an interesting prospect. Joyner will weigh-in at the NFL Combine this week and will more than likely be considered undersized, at around 5'8 in height. Height doesn't tell the whole story of a player and Joyner is a damn good.

So should Joyner interest the Rams? What type of player is he?


Experience at safety, returner, slot and outside corner

Good at using his hands and speed to get off blocks, also takes on blocks and doesn't run around.

Great hustle

Good ball skills

Creates turnovers, goes for strips, tries to break the ball up when it gets there and it works

fluid mover with good speed

Great blitzer

Tries to go through blocks to finish blitzing or make a play

Very aggressive player

Good and aggressive form tackler

Good last line of defense when he played safety


5'8 is really small, so of course he will have problems with the bigger receivers

Multiple deep passes completed on him at safety

Didn't see him press a lot and because of that can be beaten and blocked off by bigger receivers

Can he play man as well as he does zone?

Wasn't a good safety in my eyes

When he was at safety it looked like he was slow to make reads

Didn't hustle to play the run when he was at safety

Need to see him more in man coverage


Safety in 2012

Overview of Joyner

Joyner might be undersized, but he's an aggressive defender. I like him better in the slot than at safety. He can also be a good return man and special teams player. Obviously he will have trouble with bigger receivers, but he can play. He's a good tackler and if he can develop as a safety he could be a real good chess piece for a defense.

Would he fit with the Rams?

Well, he could fit three different positions for the Rams: corner, safety, and kickoff returner. If the Rams release Cortland Finnegan I think that Joyner could be a steal in the late 2nd and 3rd round range, or even later. If the Rams are comfortable with their outside corner back, Joyner could be a good slot corner and he can move to safety on some plays. He might not make plays at safety but he should be good enough. Joyner is a versatile and aggressive defender that could really help the Rams defense.