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2014 NFL Combine: Day 4 Means Televised Workouts!

The NFL Combine is into Day 4 which means running! Jumping! Uh, cone shuttling!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Today's the swing day at the NFL Combine, the only day during which all four prospects clusters are in Indy.

Cluster 1 - O-linemen, Tight Ends

The first cluster of the offensive linemen and tight ends are into field workouts which is why the combine is on NFL Network right now and streaming live at 40-times will be posted throughout the morning and into the afternoon along with all the other on-field drills.

Cluster 2 - Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Wide Receivers

The rest of the offensive prospects is in their third day going through union briefings, off-field workouts (i.e. bench press) and team interviews. They'll be on the field you might want to make sure your Sunday schedule is clear.

Cluster 3 - D-linemen, Linebackers

Front seven types are into their second day. Keep an eye out for official measurements and media treatment. They'll also under go the most important part of the combine - the official medical testing.

Cluster 4 - Cornerbacks, Safeties

The secondary arrives today. They'll get settled in with their orientation briefings and a couple team interviews, but...

Let's be real. All eyes are on the field. The tight end crop is well-stacked at the top with receiver types with guys like Eric Ebron (UNC), Austin Seferian-Jenkins (Washington) and Jace Amaro (Texas Tech). And getting an eye on the footwork of the offensive linemen will only reinforce the scouting reports teams have compiled throughout these guys' college careers.