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Random Ramsdom 2/16: Gregg Williams comes (back) to town and the Rams are better, right?

Not much has happened in St. Louis Rams news since the close of the 2013 season. That is, except for the coaching staff's most significant (re)hire in more than two years. It's time to welcome back Gregg Williams and bring even more prominence to the defensive side of the ball.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. And time drags on.

We are now more than two weeks removed from the Super Bowl and the dust is merely settling on what is now the NFL off season. Coaches and front office personnel are gearing up for roster makeovers, players are relaxing and catching up with their families and fans of 31 unfortunate franchises are sitting at home in solemn remembrance of the season that was.

We're just getting started.

In only a few days, the combine will officially begin. More than 300 NFL hopefuls will flood Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis in hopes of proving to scouts and general managers from around the league that their are worthy of a draft pick. This is what separates the workout wonders and gym rats from those whose talents are better utilized in an actual football game (e.g., Andre Ellington).

For most teams in the NFL, newsworthy events are few and far between until well after February, when free agency opens and roster moves become abundant. For the Rams, however, significant change has already occurred.

Getting the band back together - The Post-Dispatch
Yeah, OK -- like you didn't see this one coming. Oh, you didn't? Well, surprise!

Gregg Williams is back in town and this time -- we think -- he's going to be here for at least a full season. Jeff Fisher and Williams did some of their best work in the NFL while standing next to one another on the sideline. We can only hope that they are able to pick back up where they last left off.

Back to work, once again - ESPN NFC West Blog
Now that Williams is free to roam the NFL, Earth City and Rams Park, he will immediately instate his own blitz-heavy, ferocious defense. For a team that has coasted and thrived among the best in pressuring opposing quarterbacks, the Rams should thrive in Williams' attack, we think.

Michael Sam not a fit for Rams defense - The Post-Dispatch
If the St. Louis Rams decide not to draft University of Missouri defensive end Michael Sam come May, it will not be due to the player's personal life. Jim Thomas points out that the Rams are not only not in the market for more names at the DE position, but also that Sam's skill set doesn't translate perfectly to the team's defensive scheme. Even so, both the franchise and coach Jeff Fisher are more than willing to announce that it would have no problem with having an openly gay player its locker room.

Rams running back Benny Cunningham gets a raw deal - @BCunningham36
No disrespect to the folks at Burger King, but really?? Don't sell a raw chicken patty to an NFL player with access to social media.

Williams is not a thief - ProFootballTalk
"New" Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has received a lot of, well, criticism over the last couple years for his, um, involvement in the New Orleans Saints Bountygate case of 2012. One thing that he should not be called is a thief, though. This comes after "allegations" -- via former NFL defensive end Renaldo Wynn -- that Williams stole the Jaguars' playbook in 1999.

Roger Goodell approves - ProFootballTalk
The commissioner has spoken and the Rams will not be fined for their involvement with a certain aforementioned blitz guru. It appears that head coach Jeff Fisher sought the consent of Roger Goodell before he and the Rams reached out to the out-of-work coach, Gregg Wiliams.

Seahawks "strength" of schedule - Field Gulls
As many of you are undoubtedly now aware, the Rams are set to play the third most difficult schedule in 2014, by last year's win/loss standards. How about those rivals in the Northwest? Kenneth Arthur of SB Nation's Field Gulls highlights this subject in detail.

"Every time the Rams win seven games they seem to fall back to 2-14 the following year, so as promising as they look, I'm not buying it quite yet. The Seahawks also haven't seemed to lose to the Rams since the Reagan administration."

Elliot Harrison's All-Under-25 Team -
For the youngest team in football, the Rams don't exactly boast a plethora of all-star talents in the youth category (yet). With that said, they do currently employ two who made Elliot Harrison's squad of the best below the age of 25. Hint: They both made their first trip to Hawaii this year. The biggest debate -- by far -- should surround the quarterback position on this team.

A Three-in-one mock draft! - Sports on Earth
In a combination of Russ Lande's, Dan Pompei's and Mike Tanier's draft prowess, an formation of three mock drafts was born. Each bares a (somewhat) similar overall outcome for the Rams in the first round, but all are formed quite differently.

Anquan Boldin needs a contract - Niners Nation
Few fan bases in football have grown more tired of wide receiver Anquan Boldin than that of the St. Louis Rams. He's big, he's physical, he's pretty darn good and -- worse than anything else -- he has plagued the NFC West directly for eight non-consecutive seasons. Now entering a contract year, Boldin, 33, will seek a contract that will ideally extend to the end of his impressive career.

Welcome back to St. Louis, Gregg Williams. Now, do your best to stay out of the headlines until September.

Here is the entire press conference from the Rams' official website.

And a little bit more. Are the Rams automatically better for Williams' presence?

Happy belated Valentine's Day, y'all! Go Rams!!!