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Former Bears GM Rates Every QB From The 2013 Season

Where did the Rams QB, and the other NFC West quarterbacks end up on the list?

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Bringing up the Rams starting quarterback Sam Bradford stirs up a lot of controversy. Some people think he hasn't had a chance to shine because of various circumstances, while other people think that it's time to head in a different direction.

Recently, the Chicago Bears former General Manager Jerry Angelo (2001-2012), made a rankings and brief description of quarterbacks in the NFL. Bradford was ranked 22 on the list. Here's what Angelo had to say about Bradford and his grade out of 9.

6.8 Sam Bradford

Top intangibles, good size and arm strength. Can make all the throws, but has yet to make them consistently for a season and not for a handful of games. Has one more year to show it. History says the longer it takes the lower his ceiling.

There's no disputing what he said about Bradford. The jury is still out on him and dealing with a torn ACL isn't a positive. What is Bradfords' ceiling? Can he lead the Rams to the playoffs? Time will only tell. Bradford and Robert Griffin III were in the same bracket with both being rated a 6.9. That bracket was has strong traits but hasn't done it: Lack of experience, injuries, still a work in progress and could move up or down.

In contrast, here is where Angelo ranked the other 3 NFC West quarterbacks higher than Bradford. Yes, even Arizona's quarterback Carson Palmer is 18th on the list, with Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick finishing 9th and 10th.