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An ugly Rams sweater for you

The holidays are only, like, 11 months away, so you might want to go ahead and step up your sweater game now.

Forever Collectibles

People love the ugly holiday sweater. Love it. Personally, I'll pass on it, as much as I love wearing a little irony on my sleeve (pun intended).

At any rate, if you've got an annual thing where you have to wear those awful garments somewhere on the calendar about 11 months from now, you might as well do it while sporting your Rams colors. A company called Forever Collectibles has now made that possible, selling ugly sweaters for every NFL team.

Here are a couple Rams versions:


Solid work here, but really they should have a snowman with a Fisher-stache for the Rams version.

If you do end up wearing one of those things, send us a picture.