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St. Louis Rams: Improving at the Non-Priorty Positions

By now, everyone has a pretty good idea of the needs of the Rams. So instead of rehashing, let's look at positions they can upgrade, but no one really mentions.

Living the life!!
Living the life!!
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams have some holes on the roster.

Change of pace running back

The Rams have a great stable of running backs with 1st year players Zac Stacy and Benny Cunningham. It seems like the 2012 running back crew of 2nd round pick Isaiah Pead and 7th round pick Daryl Richardson could be on the outside looking in this season. Isaiah Pead, looks like he is out of the teams good graces since being used primary in running back situations, while Richardson spent much of his season being injured.

The Rams could easily keep Richardson and maybe there's a chance Pead does a 360, becoming a solid back (not likely, huh?). Basically it comes down to if the Rams think that Richardson can come back from his injury and be a good change of pace back. If there's any doubt they could always draft a back in the 6th or 7th and whatever happens, happens.

Defensive line

Honestly, the Rams have a great defensive line already. The starting four is really good, and their backups are also talented. The Rams love rotating players in and out on the defensive line. The Rams have four talented defensive ends: Eugene Sims, Robert Quinn, Chris Long, and William Hayes. However, at defensive tackle they really only have two good players: Michael Brockers and Kendall Langford. There's a big gap between the starters and backups here.

The Rams could draft a young defensive tackle and groom him to one day replace Langford, adding him to the rotation and gradually letting him grow. They could also draft a defensive end early to replace Quinn if the Rams don't think they can get a deal done, or even replace Long down the road.

Tight End

Yeah I know, the Rams spent big money on Jared Cook last off-season, but he was a big disappointment after the Arizona Cardinal game - he had 141 yards that game and looked like a force to be reckoned with, but only had one other game where he had more than 50 yards. Cook isn't the reason why tight ends are on this list (Cook was the leading receiver).  Lance Kendricks and Corey Harkey are the reason. Both players weren't bad; they are good blockers and made some clutch receptions. However, Harkey is better as a 3rd tight end, and while Kendricks is a talented player he is injury prone.

The Rams probably won't add another tight end, but next season it could become a need since Kendricks will be a free agent. If Kendricks can prove that he can at least stay healthy for a majority of the games that's great, but there's probably not as much upside left in him.

Kickoff returner

The Rams might have a great kickoff returner in Tavon Austin, but you could tell that the Rams didn't want to use him that way. However, because of the lack of production by the returners - and Austins' lack of production on offense - the team made Austin a returner.

If the Rams don't want Austin to be a returner this season, they probably want someone other than Benny Cunningham or Isaiah Pead to handling the job.