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Rams-Redskins: Report Card Has Rams Flying

The Rams put up a strong showing in their 24-0 dismantling of Washington. Time to grade it out.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

QB - A plus grade

Let's be honest. The Skins helped quite a bit here. Nonetheless, this was Shaun Hill's best game as a Ram.

RB - B minus grade

Tre Mason had his lowest yard per rush average as a pro. So why the B range? For one, despite the lack of overall production, his 20 carries set the punishing tone for the game that eventually the Skins gave in to in the 3rd quarter. Twenty carries of physical running that force you to commit to stopping can wear down any defense. Throw in a sprinkling of Tavon on the motion sweep (and a Zac Stacy sighting), and this was still a decent showing.

WR - B plus grade

Kenny Britt is panning out quite nicely as a free agent addition, and Stedman Bailey continues to develop. And while this has nothing to do with Sunday, I am worried about this unit moving forward. Chris Givens is on this team in name only leaving the Rams with just three wideouts, and it's not an area Tavon is clicking with Brian Schottenheimer or Shaun Hill in. Think about it like this. Hill had 16 completions. Just five were to wide receivers...and that's against the Redskins.

TE - A plus grade

Jared Cook has taken plenty of heat from Rams fans, but Sunday showed what he's made of. Enduring the concussion to put in two touchdowns on four catches? That's PFTCommenter porn.

O-line - C minus grade

Hard to argue that this isn't the biggest need on the team to address...

D-line - A plus grade


LBs - A plus grade


DBs - A grade

Near perfect.

ST - A plus gradeD minus grade

Johnny Hekker was Pro Bowl worthy, showing why he got the six-year megadeal on well-pinned punts and rubbing a well-executed fake in the Redskins' faces. Tavon Austin set a single game season-high for punt return yards of any player in the NFL. And then Greg Zuerlein...

Look, there's not an excuse for something like that. Extra points? Field goals under 30 yards away? Those aren't things you miss if you want to keep your job for long.

Even though his successful field goal percentage is above that of his rookie season, I'd offer this has been his worst year. I'm betting on him to bounce back, but the leash is shorter than ever.

Coaching - A plus grade

The Rams had a gameplan. They stuck to it. It worked.

This is the kind of fence-straddling that happens in life. If you commit to something and it works, it's confidence that's repaid in full. If it doesn't, you're stubborn and unyielding to reality. On Sunday, it worked to perfection.