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Rams-Cardinals: Series History

The Rams and Cardinals share an intertwined history over the years. Here's a look at each

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In a series going back to 1937, the Cleveland-Los Angeles-St. Louis Rams are tied with the Chicago-St. Louis -Arizona Cardinals with a record of 33-33-2. It's never been a serious rivalry between these two teams, except maybe during the Jim Hart-Conrad Dobler days...

The win/lost list below is courtesy of Have a look at the history, then think about the tiebreaker about to happen this Thursday night in St. Louis. While the Rams have a chance at the postseason - if you use base 8 math and lots of voodoo dolls - Arizona is headed to the playoffs; baring an unforeseen debacle as they head into the last three game of the 2014 NFL season.

This isn't a trap game for Arizona. It's an out and out fear game. This is a meeting of NFC West teams, and they're brutal battles on every play. The Rams will come out with little to lose, and are currently inspired. They tasted tough losses all year, but they've found their rhythm of late. Young players are flying around the field, and the game at the NFL level has finally slowed down for the bevy of rookies, sophomores and juniors filling the Rams roster. They're clicking now, especially on defense. More importantly to Arizona though, is how the Rams are taking a toll on opponents this season. Arizona knows, since in the last meeting between these two team, they lost quarterback Carson Palmer for the year.

I don't know if Rams head coach Jeff Fisher knows about this little moment; a possibility to make a mark on this season by breaking the game history tie. Then again, I often wonder how teams stay motivated when the playoffs aren't necessarily in the immediate future? If I were an NFL coach, I'd take any means at hand to inspire my players. This stage is set for the Rams to have a winning record against a foe the ghosts of past players in their locker room have faced over the past 77 years. Let's give them the win, eh? Why not? Plus, it sets the stage for a Rams team trying to no longer find who they are, but who they'll be in 2015.


RS: Series tied, 33-33-2

PS: Rams lead series, 1-0

1937—Cardinals, 6-0 (Cle)

Cardinals, 13-7 (Chi)

1938—Cardinals, 7-6 (Cle)

Cardinals, 31-17 (Chi)

1939—Rams, 24-0 (Chi)

Rams, 14-0 (Cle)

1940—Rams, 26-14 (Cle)

Cardinals, 17-7 (Chi)

1941—Rams, 10-6 (Cle)

Cardinals, 7-0 (Chi)

1942—Cardinals, 7-0 (Buffalo)

Rams, 7-3 (Cle)

1945—Rams, 21-0 (Cle)

Rams, 35-21 (Chi)

1946—Cardinals, 34-10 (Chi)

Rams, 17-14 (LA)

1947—Rams, 27-7 (LA)

Cardinals, 17-10 (Chi)

1948—Cardinals, 27-22 (LA)

Cardinals, 27-24 (Chi)

1949—Tie, 28-28 (Chi)

Cardinals, 31-27 (LA)

1951—Rams, 45-21 (LA)

1953—Tie, 24-24 (Chi)

1954—Rams, 28-17 (LA)

1958—Rams, 20-14 (Chi)

1960—Cardinals, 43-21 (LA)

1965—Rams, 27-3 (StL)

1968—Rams, 24-13 (StL)

1970—Rams, 34-13 (LA)

1972—Cardinals, 24-14 (StL)

1975—***Rams, 35-23 (LA)

1976—Cardinals, 30-28 (LA)

1979—Rams, 21-0 (LA)

1980—Rams, 21-13 (StL)

1984—Rams, 16-13 (StL)

1985—Rams, 46-14 (LA)

1986—Rams, 16-10 (StL)

1987—Rams, 27-24 (StL)

1988—Cardinals, 41-27 (LA)

1989—Rams, 37-14 (LA)

1991—Cardinals, 24-14 (LA)

1992—Cardinals, 20-14 (LA)

1993—Cardinals, 38-10 (P)

1994—Rams, 14-12 (LA)

1996—Cardinals, 31-28 (A) OT

1998—Cardinals, 20-17 (StL)

2002—Rams, 27-14 (A)

Rams, 30-28 (StL)

2003—Rams, 37-13 (StL)

Rams, 30-27 (A) OT

2004—Rams, 17-10 (StL)

Cardinals, 31-7 (A)

2005—Rams, 17-12 (A)

Cardinals, 38-28 (StL)

2006—Rams, 16-14 (A)

Cardinals, 34-20 (StL)

2007—Cardinals, 34-31 (StL)

Cardinals, 48-19 (A)

2008—Cardinals, 34-13 (StL)

Cardinals, 34-10 (A)

2009—Cardinals, 21-13 (StL)

Cardinals, 31-10 (A)

2010—Cardinals, 17-13 (StL)

Rams, 19-6 (A)

2011—Cardinals, 19-13 (A) OT

Cardinals, 23-20 (StL)

2012—Rams, 17-3 (StL)

Rams, 31-17 (A)

(RS Pts.—Rams 1,350, Cardinals 1,301)

(PS Pts.—Rams 35, Cardinals 23)