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Random Ramsdom 12/9: Let's pretend the season started week seven

Headed into week seven, the Rams were 1-4 and looked to be backtracking tremendously -- especially on defense. However, the team has rebounded and since gone 5-3 with victories over the Seahawks, 49ers and Broncos with dominating performances against the Raiders and Redskins.

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Monday Wrap Up

--- Rams sent out RGIII draft picks for coin toss ---
It's almost impossible not to love this certain 'thank you' gesture from Jeff Fisher.

--- Britt makes second protest statement ---
A week after the first incident, Kenny Britt stands up for a cause he believes in yet again.

--- Consecutive shutouts ---
The Rams defense is finally functioning on all cylinders.


Upcoming Opponent: Cardinals

--- Rams/Cardinals preview ---
The Rams and Cardinals faced earlier this season, but what has changed since then?

--- Andre Ellington on IR ---
Ellington's season has been put to rest -- there's one less player for the Rams to contain. Now, the Cardinals starting QB and RB will be reunited once more -- on IR.



--- Jeff Fisher: 'really proud' ---
And he should be.


Draft Tracker

--- CBS Updated  Mock 2015: Ogbuehi to Rams ---
Falling outside the range to select a quality signal-caller, the Rams are mocked with yet another offensive tackle.


Around the League

--- America's most hated teams by map ---
Interestingly enough, the Cowboys are the most hated team in Texas. Lucky for Rams' fans, we don't appear anywhere on the list.

--- Wild playoff race ---
The entire AFC -- outside the bottom four -- is still fighting for a spot in the playoffs with only three games left.

--- Marvin Lewis mocks Johnny Football ---
Johnny Football didn't get the start for the Browns, but he got a little something from Marvin Lewis.


Division Standings

1. Arizona, 10-3
2. Seattle, 9-4
3. San Francisco, 7-6
4. St. Louis, 6-7


Stat of the Day

Not only have the Rams shut out their previous two opponents, but they've also recorded 34 sacks the last 8 games -- an average above four sacks per game which is a major upgrade from the previous zero sacks in the first five games.