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Rams 6, Redskins 0: Slopped and Screwed

The Rams' defense? Legit. The Rams' offense? Opportunistic. The Rams' kicker? ......

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the Rams have been in control pretty firmly for the entire first half. Problematically, they're only up six points at halftime.

Total yards? Rams 197 to Redskins 93.

Third downs? The Rams are 3 for 6 while Washington is 1 of 5.

Turnovers? Just one, an interception from Rodney McLeod.

Rushing yards? Alfred Morris has one on six tries. Tre Mason has 35 on 10 carries.

It shouldn't be all that close, but here we are. And yes, part of the reason why is Greg Zuerlein.

The Rams' kicker missed the extra point on the Rams' early touchdown and then missed easy opportunities from 28 and 38 yards. Something is clearly wrong with him, whether it's a health issue or a mental one. The Rams might not be able to afford him the time to clear it up today, though...

In any case, it was a messy first 30 minutes, but the Rams at least have the edge going into the second half.