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Rams-Redskins: The Turf Show Times’ Staff Predicts a Winner

The St. Louis Rams [5-7] head to Landover, MD this Sunday to take on the Washington Redskins [3-9] in Week 14. Who’s going to win? The Turf Show Times’ staff have their predictions...

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

sergey606 [@thatsergey]

Well the Rams are favorites on the that's not good. Screw it, Tre Mason will continue to run wild and Hill keeps spreading the ball around enough to keep the Rams' defense rested. Here's the main story of this (and last) game: defense. I see them allowing 9 points if DJax doesn't play and 13 if he does play, with about 5 sacks. My bold prediction of the game is Mark Barron gets a turnover - welcome to the Rams.

Prediction: Rams 27, Washington Football Team 13

3k [@3k_]

Winter kept us warm, covering
Earth in forgetful snow, feeding
A little life with dried tubers.

Prediction: Rams 30, Redskins 13

DouglasM [@thenovelroad]

Theses two teams actually match up well. While Washington continues to try and sort themselves out, the Rams will attempt to do something they haven't been able to to do all year: win back-to-back games. Add in that the Rams have division foe Arizona next week, and this could very well take the shape of a trap game for St. Louis. IF - and I stress the "IF" - the Rams can play like they did against Oakland, and blow out Washington, the degree St. Louis could upset the post season apple cart for Arizona and Seattle will be enormous.

Prediction:  Rams 33, Redskins 17

EddieP [@iAmEddieP_]

Washington is a worser team than the Rams, so that's a plus. I see the defense creating a lot of ruckus. Stedman and Tre should repeat their 100+ yard performances.

Prediction:  Rams 24, Redskins 13

Franks "Dubs" Dobozy [@Bozy1313]

Since Week 6, the Rams have been quite consistent, winning on every odd week... and losing on every even week. If recent history is any indicator, it should mean a loss in Washington this weekend. I believe they find a way to break the cycle on Sunday. These teams - though similar in many respects - are heading in opposite directions. This will be a close, hard-fought contest, with the Rams leading 13-10 at the half, and holding on for a 23-16 win.

Prediction:  Rams 23, Redskins 16

Eric Nagel [@Eric_nagel]

The destruction of the Raiders has to feel good. They’ve traded win for loss for the last 7 weeks (that’s 4-3). I think that has to hold some sort of momentum, but going in on the road is never easy. Still, Washington isn’t a good team, so I think the Rams will have the momentum and talent on their side. Aaron Donald will continue to be the truth, The team will continue to be unspectacular and average (read: good enough) on offense and they’ll keep rolling heading into a matchup where they could hit .500 against the Cards.

Prediction:  Rams 27, Redskins 16

Mike Dietrich [@dvond]

Everything is going the Rams way, big win last week, defense playing well, awful Redskins, and looks like no Desean Jackson. Seems like an easy win but the one thing the Skins are good at is stopping the run and if the Rams cannot run then everyone will see and expose Shaun Hill for what he is, an average journeyman. Fisher has not put back to back wins together which makes me think the players get way too high and full of themselves and he lets it all slip by.

Prediction:  Redskins 20, Rams 16

Joe Stanfill [@papapegasus]

The Rams are on a roll, and after killing the Raiders, the roll will continue. The Ram defense will hold down any chance the Redskins have of making this a close contest. While the Redskin's defense will attempt to contain Tre Mason, Shaun Hill will fall back on his experience and play smart football (read- no turnovers). After experiencing the let down of losing the week after a win, the Rams won't let their excitement of the big win over the Raiders cloud their focus this Sunday. I expect we will see a team locked in on defense and offense. The Redskins are going to make Hill look pretty good this week.

Prediction:  Rams 28, Redskins 13

northwestRAMSfan [@troilus22]

The Rams put together one of the most dominating performances I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Yes it was against the Raiders, but those same Raiders beat the Chiefs the week prior and even bad NFL teams are good football teams. Speaking of bad NFL teams, this week the Rams will hit the road to take on the Redskins. It seems the RGIII era in Washington is officially over, which takes some of the background story out of this matchup. If this were Bradford vs. RGIII and each team were still a legitimate playoff contender the talking heads would be going absolutely crazy. For this game it is going to be all about the turnover margin again, its fairly safe to assume the Rams will not have another +5 margin this week. If the team can keep it even against the Redskins they will win. Tre Mason will have another big game both on the ground and through the air. I know the Redskins are supposed to have a good run defense, but they surrender 4.0 yards per carry (compared to the 3.8 of Raiders entering last week) which is the very definition of middle of the NFL pack (best is DET 3.1 and worst KC 4.9). The biggest reason to believe this game will go the Rams way is the favorable matchup of Rams DL vs Redskins OL. The Redskins QBs have been sacked a total of 39 times this season (2nd to only JAX 50). After the Rams sacked the Raiders QBs 6 times last week (roughly 31% of the total sacks they've allowed this season) there isn't many reasons to belive Sack City doesn't keep rolling in the nations capital. The Rams defense has surrendered a mere 15 points per game over the past 5 games, and is finally playing to the potential we all knew they had entering the season. Shaun Hill and the passing game should also find success against the leagues worst pass defense (by QB rating allowed), and I would expect Stedman Bailey to put in his 3rd consecutive "breakout performance."

Prediction:  Rams 28, Redskins 10

Papa_Lurch [@Papa_Lurch]

Coming off of a huge win last week, the Rams with play Washington with a lot of positive momentum. However, it remains to be seen if they can build on a good thing. Every time they show us a glimpse of dominance, they disappoint us the following week.

Maybe its because Washington's QB situation is worse than ours, maybe its just plain homer-ism, but I think that we will finally see consecutive wins from the Rams. The Defense will do what they do best and the Offense will put up some points against a hapless team.

Predictions:  Rams 31, Redskins 13

Misone [@MightyOrMisone]

It pains me to say this but this game has the makings of a major upset. Over the last couple of weeks everyone has jumped on-board with the Rams. Which oddly enough is the reason that they might run into some issues. I am not banking on that happening, but I am staying that it would not surprise me.

With this Redskins offense they have finally found the quarterback that has been best suited for it from day one. McCoy has been shot down due to his lack of size and arm strength. But he is a smart quarterback with accuracy. As long as he continues to show improved decision making he will be a better than advertised match-up for any defense. The issue for the Redskins offense is their offensive line sucks. They can't even block a 5'8" 400lb defensive end with a 6.9 40. So what exactly are they going to do against the hottest pass rush currently in the NFL? The blitz is completely unnecessary in this game and it would make sense not to use it. Keep seven in coverage all game. This will eliminate quick passes and cause more sacks or force errant throws resulting in opportunities for turnovers. The defense could very well have a repeat performance from last week. Believe it...

As for the Rams offense, will face a decent pass rush, but this Redskins secondary struggles to cover little league players, surely they will not completely blanket Kenny Britt and Stedman Bailey. Jared Cook should also knock the dust off and have a solid outing. Washington does not do a good job with athletic tight ends. This is all assuming he holds on to the ball. Tre Mason should find running room early and often. Not sure if we will see any 89 yard runs though. Not because he can't against this defense but because the Rams should absolutely dominate the starting field position in this game. I am curious to see if Tavon Austin can extend his streak to three games with a touchdown. I believe this is a game where he could see pay-dirt twice, as this defense is terribly slow.

Prediction:  Rams 38, Redskins 10

Charles Martel [@CharlesMartel19]

The Rams are not letting up on the gas this time and will break their habit of not winning back-to-back games. That really has to end sometime, doesn't it?

Expect ferocious defense, followed by ball control, followed by an oops, from J.J. then more ferocious defense.

Prediction:  Rams 28, Redskins 10

Brandon Bate [@NoPlanB_]

Despite their putrid playing of the footballs, things are shaping up for a Redskins victory this Sunday.  Why, you ask?  It’s simple.  Karma.

I live just outside of Washington D.C., which doesn’t necessarily mean much considering there’s no actual football team in the nation’s capital.  But for many who reside in my neck of the woods - at least the ones who aren’t Cowboys or Steelers fans - they cheer for the team in burgundy and gold [until Monday when it’s hot taek time].

I don’t.

I root against them in an unrelenting vocal manner, and after a 52-0 drubbing of the Raiders last week, I’ve been spitting hot fire like Dylan for the entirety of Week 14.  Family...friends...they all get the same treatment.

So Karma.  I’ve talked my way into a corner and there’s only one way out;  a back-to-back, rub-it-in-their-faces-for-another-year, victory!

Prediction:  Rams 27, Redskins 17


And there you have it.  Of the thirteen TST staff members, only one is predicting an upset this Sunday.  Kudos to you, Mike D!

The other [sane] members of the crew are picking the Rams to string together back-to-back wins for the first time in 2014, and place themselves just one game away from the ever-elusive .500 record.