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NFL Power Rankings Week 18: The Ending

The Rams' 6-10 season certainly reeks of disappointment. How will they fare in the final power rankings of 2014?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams spent nearly the entire year among all power rankings in the bottom half. Obviously, a week 17 loss in Seattle isn't going to change that.

As always, if there's a power ranking you think merits inclusion, let me know and I'll start putting it in.

Average ranking (# of rankings) 22.83 (6)
Average change from last week -0.05
Highest ranking (source) 21st (
Lowest ranking (source) 24th (multiple sources)
Biggest positive change (source) +4 (Kirwan)
Biggest negative change (source) -2 (

week 18 power rankings chart

SB Nation: 23rd (22nd)

ESPN: 22nd (25th)

Is it Groundhog Day in St. Louis? Another losing season for the Rams and the franchise is still wondering if Sam Bradford is "the guy." 21st (19th)

Rams fans need something different to hang their horns on than the "We played 'em tough this year" mantra. Yes, played 'em tough enough to go 6-10, one win fewer than each of the last two seasons. With question marks surrounding the future of the franchise, the time to make a move is now. (Not to L.A., but in the standings.) It starts with management. That doesn't necessarily mean firing people; rather, it's about changing the approach. Time for a bold move. Quarterback is a nice place to start. And no, I am not implying a Jay Cutler transaction.

CBS Sports (Kirwan): 24th (28th)

The defense is set, the wide receivers are good enough and the running backs are adequate enough for a run in 2015 but QB remains the big question.

Yahoo! Sports: 23rd (23rd)

If I'm picking a team that will take Jay Cutler off Chicago's hands, this is the one.

Pro Football Talk: 24th (24th)

If this team ever realizes its potential, it would never lose a game.