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Rams HC Jeff Fisher: No Coaching Changes Coming, QB Competition Lies Ahead

The Rams' Head Coach opened up on his early offseason thought on Brian Schottenheimer, Sam Bradford and more today.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Give some credit to Jim Thomas.

He's got to sit there with the Rams after a disappointing 6-10 season that can only be deemed a serious step back and take the PR jabs again and again and again.

"It’s definitely not a step backwards," tight end Lance Kendricks said.

Yes it was, 3k said.

I only point that out because after Black Monday on a day when the Rams stood pat, you could excuse him for an outburst, a showing of humanity. JT aint having none of that. Even when the adherence to loyalty throughout the ranks is producing a big sack of unfulfilled promises and a timeline that always points to TBD no matter how many months pass by.

Fisher Praises OC Brian Schottenheimer

Of course he says that. He's Jeff Fisher. Three seasons of offensive ineptitude do not shake his resolve in the slightest. Since 2012, the offense has ranked 25th, 21st and 21st in points scored. In yardage, we've gone 23rd to 30th to 28th this season.

The playcalling has been outstanding. Fantastic. Amazing. Wonderful. It's just zippety doo and a Charleston Chew.

Sam Bradford On the Mend

Not a great sign of confidence that he "wondered if he wanted to still play." I won't go full hot take here, but there's something to be said about the value of motivation. And per his own words, now we have to question his.

Fisher's Offseason Personnel Plans Include QB Competition

Yet another injury-riddled player who apparently is considering hanging them up. Man, does that fire up the ol' excitement meter.

And you have to love the non-commital commitment from Fisher on the QB position. They'll bring in a QB to compete who's not in the building? They did that last year in Austin Davis and Garrett Gilbert. It worked out perfectly.

The problem isn't the PR spin. I get it. It's as fake as Stan Kroenke's hairpiece. That's fine. It's the non-ending slurry of bullshit that continues to tug at the infinite loop of excuses and plans and solutions and justifications that never end up producing a winning record or a capable product.

Sure, Sam Bradford went down. Arizona's playing their 38th quarterback of the season and they're in the playoffs. This team beat Seattle, Denver and San Francisco. Those were half of there entire win resume for 2014.

At some point, someone's got to just look the camera in the eye and admit to reality.

Or not.