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Jeff Fisher and Shaun Hill: On the RG3 Draft Haul and Their Week 14 Matchup vs. the Redskins

Rams’ Head Coach Jeff Fisher and Quarterback Shaun Hill fielded questions on Wednesday afternoon. Here’s what they had to say on “Hands up, Don’t Shoot,” the RG3 Trade from 2012, and their Week 14 matchup vs. the Washington Redskins...

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Fisher – Post-Practice – Dec. 3, 2014

(On what kind of discussion are the Rams having with the police department about the ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ gesture)
"I made myself very clear on Monday, that I’m not going to discuss those issues. I’m a football coach. I’m not going to go into detail whatsoever. If you have questions regarding what’s taken place with our organization and local law enforcement and the police department, then I would refer you to (Chief Operating Officer/Executive Vice President of Football Operations) Kevin Demoff."

(On how important the 2012 trade with the Washington Redskins has been to putting the team together)
"It’s interesting. We drafted eight players, seven of which are on our roster. But, I think you have to look past that. We’ve got defensive starters. We got (DT Michael Brockers) ‘Brock.’ You know who that we took, we got (OL) Greg Robinson as a result of that. More importantly than that because of those that we drafted through the trade with Washington, we were able to do some other things. For example, (RB) Zac Stacy was one of those players that we acquired through one of those picks. Without Zac here, it’s probably unlikely that we go and draft (RB) Tre Mason. We have depth there and we can afford to do that now. So, we’re able to shape our roster way beyond just the actual picks that we got from them."

(On if he has no regrets from that trade)
"No regrets. At the time it was a good deal for us and it was a good deal for Washington."

(On why he felt he needed quantity when it came to draft picks)
"If you recall, it was our first draft. I personally looked at the roster prior to accepting this job and then immediately following after we hired (General Manager) Les (Snead) we sat down and did an extensive review of the personnel and felt that we needed as many picks as we could possibly get to rebuild this roster."

(On if the draft group has progressed at a pace that he likes)
"Yeah. How’s (LB Alec Ogletree) ‘Tree’ doing and (WR Stedman Bailey) ‘Sted’ doing and how’s Zac doing? I think, Greg’s going to be our future left tackle for a long time. I can’t say enough about it. Brock’s recent performance last week, we gave a game ball. He had eight tackles and was a big factor in the ball game. Very pleased with how they’ve come along."

(On Redskins QB Robert Griffin III not playing)
"No, he’s not. That’s really not our issue. In his defense, his rookie year he took them to the playoffs. Any quarterback that’s going to go through significant injuries like he did and two offensive philosophy changes, scheme changes-I think that’s hard. I don’t believe you’ve seen the last of him. I think he’s too talented to…that’s their deal, that’s my opinion on him. I think he’s got a chance to be a really good quarterback."

(On if he can still turn his career around)
"He’s just scratching the surface from a career standpoint. Again, injuries and scheme changes are hard to overcome for anybody for that matter."

(On if he didn’t have QB Sam Bradford on the roster if he wouldn’t have made the trade)
"That’s correct. We’d probably do something different, yeah."

(On besides practicing with a wet ball what other considerations is he going to make to prepare for the rainy conditions)
"Not too awfully concerned. I think the forecast for Sunday is going to be very similar to what we’re going to get Friday. I think the biggest concern is just the footing. Our players have to understand that you can’t go to the ground. There’s no place for slipping, or bad footing this game because…a defensive back on the ground because the surface may not be ideal can cost you a game. That would be my only concern."

(On what he’s seen from Redskins QB Colt McCoy)
"Colt obviously played really well against Dallas. His numbers were very good. They’re winning numbers against the Colts, they just got outscored. He makes good decisions. He can throw the deep ball. He’s mobile. He’s a good quarterback. He’s won some games. Obviously, we’ll have to play very well on defense."

(On his conversation with the five players that put up the ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ gesture)
"I had lengthy conversations with all five of the players that were involved. Had a really, really productive conversation with them. As I said Monday, that’s between us."

(On if the conversations were one-on-one or together)
"No, we sat down visited all together. That’s how we do things."

(On if he would have preferred to have known that the players were going to do the gesture before game time)
"Yeah. I prefer to know about everything and I didn’t. I didn’t ask them and go into the fact that when they decided to do this. What’s done is done. I will however…I’m going to make (TE) Jared Cook available to you here, immediately following, whenever you’re done with me. Jared’s going to be available for you."

(On if he brought up the unsportsmanlike conduct rule in the meetings)
"Yes, I did."

(On if he’s hoping for better results)
"Yeah, I do. I discussed it in detail on Wednesday, last Wednesday. I actually showed them different clips. I stopped short of having them read me rule 12, section three, article nine. I read it to them. I didn’t go into ‘A,B,C.’ I just went into ‘G’ or whatever it is or ‘H.’ That’s prolonged excessive celebrations and that would also include going to the ground. However, apparently, Tre (Mason) didn’t hear that part. He understands it now so it’s good."

(On if sack celebrations can go a little longer)
"Yeah, there’s a little discrepancy there. Scoring plays you can’t do that. I think Tre was really worthy of a game ball, so I hung on to it."

(On if it’s not bad to have a game ball after a 89-yard touchdown)
"When you’re up by a touchdown or two. No, there’s no good time for it actually. They can do whatever they want on our sideline within reason, but not going to have that. The next time that happens, if it’s a correct call, in my opinion then the player will miss some time the following game."

Shaun Hill – Post-Practice – Dec. 3, 2014

(On if he’s put the win behind him)
"Yeah, absolutely. It doesn’t matter how the game turns out. You’ve got 24 hours to get it through your system and on to the next opponent. So, that one was no different."

(On the amount of talent around him on the offensive side of the ball)
"That’s a good problem to have. Everybody’s clicking and making plays when they have a chance to make them. So, that’s a good thing that we have going on right now."

(On if he’s having fun being the starting quarterback)
"Yeah I’m having a lot of fun playing. It’s been awhile since I’ve had an opportunity to start multiple games. So, yeah I’m really trying to enjoy it and so far that’s happening."

(On if he sensed a game like this for the offense was coming)
"I don’t know, and to be honest with you, I didn’t know that we had that many points until I came out of the game and had a chance to look at the scoreboard. You kind of just keep your head down and just keep grinding, keep going. Obviously we felt like we were capable of something like that, but the great thing about this league is we’ve got another game this Sunday and we’ve got to go out and prove it again. If we want to be a good offense then this is a great test for us."

(On the importance of being consistent as an offense from week to week)
"Absolutely. Consistency is what’s needed in this league to win throughout a 16-week schedule."

(On if he’s ever been in a game where he had a first half like he did on Sunday)
"Not that I can remember right now. I’d have to go back and look, but no, not that I can recall."

(On if he feels that based off of his performance he can be a starting quarterback next year)
"This kind of goes back to how I came into this league, it was a day by day this. I was undrafted. Any day I could’ve been cut. My whole mindset was, ‘Hey, today do the best you can do and hopefully you’ll get tomorrow.’ That’s the same mindset I carry now. Today do the best I can do and hopefully there’s a tomorrow. This week, do the best I can do this week and hopefully there’s a next week for me. Beyond that I honestly can’t look at that and I don’t."

(On if he believes that he can be a starter in this league for years to come)
"Yeah, obviously I’ve got confidence in myself and always have, but honestly the best thing for me and the best thing I think for any team is to take it week by week."

(On what challenges does a Redskins Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett’s defense present)
"They’re very multiple, so we’re going to have to be dialed in for sure. Know our rules and be able to play fundamentally sound football. He wants to get you off track offensively, wants there to be a negative play somewhere in the drive. So, we’ve got to eliminate that. Sustain drives and when we have opportunities to make big plays we make them."

(On if the Redskins’ defensive approach is ‘high risk, high reward’ and the ability to make big plays)
"Yeah, but that’s kind of life in the NFL in general, though. There’s always a few opportunities to make big plays and whether you make them or not a lot of times dictates how the outcome of the game is. So, that’s obviously going to be important for us this week."

(On if they can learn anything for the Redskins defense giving up a lot of big pass plays last week)
"Well here’s what happens: you see something like that on film and you know that the very next day they’re in work fixing that same exact problem. He’s going to have those guys ready to play without a doubt. He’s a good defensive coordinator, a guy I really respect and I know he’ll have them ready to play."

(On if they talk about not being able to win back-to-back games this season)
"Well, it’s this week and we want to win this week. That’s always the mindset. As far as how many there are in a row, that can’t ever enter your mind. You’ve got to win this week. You can’t look any further than that."

(On his comfort level with the offense)
"Yeah, for sure. There was just some good opportunities that were presented to us and guys made plays for us."

(On if after he scored the rushing touchdown he is lobbying for more chances to run the ball)
"No, I did not. I had to look at the film to realize it was only two-yards. It felt a lot longer than that."