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Jay Gruden and Colt McCoy On What They See From the St. Louis Rams

Redskins’ head coach Jay Gruden and quarterback Colt McCoy fielded questions from the media on a conference call earlier today. Here’s what they had to say about the Rams...

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

(Gruden - On what he sees from the Rams’ defense)
"What I have I seen? I’ve seen a lot of pressure (laughs). I see a great effort. These guys play a great effort. Gregg Williams does a great job as the defensive coordinator for these guys and they play hard. They have some dominant players on defense. You talk about (DE Robert) Quinn obviously, and the rookie (DT Aaron) Donald and now you’ve got (DE Chris) Long back there and you’ve got (LB Alec) Ogletree at linebacker and you’ve got (LB James) Laurinaitis. They’re just all over the place. They’re good players. They’re physical. Then you’ve got some guys at the defensive back position that have great ball skills. When you have a great pass rush and you have defensive backs with good ball skills, it’s a great recipe for success. They have some young players that are just going to get better with time. They’ve got the makings of a dominant defense for a long time, that’s for sure."

(Gruden - On if he has studied Donald and what has made him so affective)
"I’ve studied him a lot. I was hoping he’d drop to the second round (laughs). I think he’s just a relentless rusher. He gets straight penetration. Uses his hands extremely well in the pass game and really holds up in the run game, does a nice job. I think the concern of him coming out was maybe he wouldn’t hold up in the running game on double teams and all of that, but he does a good job in the run game also. Very disruptive player and that’s what you want from your three-technique. Then they can put him over the center and get him some one-on-ones against the center and he does an excellent job there. Everybody wants to talk about Quinn and how good he is and deservedly so, but Donald has a lot to do with that pass rush also."

(Gruden - On what he sees from the Rams’ offense)
"I think they’ve got some weapons. Man, they’re young, they’re very similar to us. They’ve had three quarterbacks I believe start this year and they’re just trying to find their way and get in some rhythm, but they have the weapons. (RB Tre) Mason’s running the ball extremely well and they’ve had some offensive line issues. They’ve been up and down as far as the offensive line is concerned, but they’ve got the weapons outside and obviously the running game. So, once they find a consistent piece to their game offensively kind of like us, we’ve got the weapons we’ve just got to play more consistently and I think they feel the same way. They’ve had flashes of being brilliant. They’ve also had flashes of not being so good. So, both of us are looking for that consistency that makes average, below average teams very good and great. We’re going to continue working as I know they are, but we both have the ingredients of being pretty good offenses."

(McCoy - On what he sees from the Rams’ defense and their front four)
"Everyone talks about their front four and they’re worthy to be talked about. Those guys play fast. They’re physical. They’re strong. They pretty much dominate the line of scrimmage on the tape that I’ve watched. We know that we have our hands full with those guys. On the flip side, I feel like they’re very well coached. Their secondary flies around. They involve their secondary and free safeties and corners in their blitzes. You certainly have to know where those guys are. Then they disguise their coverages very well. They play some chop-corners. They play some off coverage. They play some man coverage. They do a great job of confusing the quarterback. For me this week, it’s going to be tough to see what they’re doing. I’ve just got to play within our system and what we’re trying to do and hopefully stay out third-and-longs, find a way to score some points."

(McCoy - On if he still stays in touch with Rams QB Sam Bradford)
"Yeah, I do. I’ve certainly have been close with him throughout the year. Feel extremely sorry for his circumstances, but I hope that he can battle through that, recover from that. He’s still a great quarterback and always will be."