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2014 NFL Playoff Picture: Looking at the Bracket

Twelve teams. One champion. Can any of the wild card teams really upset the order?

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

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2014 NFL Playoff Picture


It's a crowded field. I'm hoping for an Andrew Luck-Tom Brady matchup in the divisional round for two reasons: (1) the aged master in Brady against the new face of Civil War General quarterbacking and (2) I think the Colts have the better chance at the upset, and screw the Pats.

On the other side, Peyton Manning & Co.'s loss to Cincinnati in Week 16 looms large. He finally looked past his prime. I wonder if time caught up with him just ahead of the playoffs getting started. The bigger question is if Pittsburgh or Baltimore can do what the Bengals did on Monday Night Football.


Carolina has to beat Arizona. It's fated. Neither has much of a chance against Seattle at home, but that'll be a fun wild card game.

The other half of the NFC playoffs has the intrigue. Can Dallas win a playoff game with arguably their best team since the end of the mid-90's dynasty Boys? Don't be so sure. Meanwhile, a hobbled Aaron Rodgers gets to rest up for some mid-January Lambeau photographer's wet dream football.

What are you looking forward to seeing in this year's playoff bracket?