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Rams 6, Seahawks 0: Defensive Battle Carries Into Final Half of 2014 Regular Season

The Rams' defense is carrying the team (stop me if you heard it before) as they hold a six-point lead at halftime.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it's kind of the script for the Rams.

Strong defense leading the way for a field position battle that provides Greg Zuerlein the opportunity to clap some field goal attempts with whatever the offense can put up.

Today, the latter refers to not much of anything. That's to be expected against Seattle, who (a) has been playing their best football of the season this last month and (b) doesn't cede much at home to anyone.

So yes, it's good to see GZ on his mark. And yes, it's great to see the defense pitching a shutout after 30 minutes. Robert Quinn's a beast and Aaron Donald should have the Defensive Rookie of the Year Award pretty much locked up after today (sorry, Khalil Mack). But think this over...

We're heading into the offseason where nothing but questions face us at every turn. If nothing else, this game should cement the reality for the team, the staff, the front office and for fans that the defense just isn't the problem. The offense and the coaching are the only real candidates.