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Jeff Fisher on Brian Quick’s Injury: “It’s not going to set him back.”

The St. Louis Rams were back out on the practice field on Friday. Here’s what head coach Jeff Fisher and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams had to say after practice...

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
After enjoying Christmas day off with family and friends, the St. Louis Rams got back to business on Friday.  Head coach Jeff Fisher and Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams stayed after practice to answer a few questions from the media.

Here’s what they had to say on their holiday, injuries, potential setbacks, and their Week 17 matchup against the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks...

Jeff Fisher – Post-Practice – December 26, 2014

(On if he had a good Christmas)
"Yes I did. I hope everybody did as well. It was good to give our players a day off. It was good."

(On how Seattle is a different team since they played them and what does he see on tape)
"They’ve healed up. Remember last year they got on a roll where they were outscoring everybody consistently by 30, 35 points and they’re playing that way right now. It all starts with (Seahawks QB) Russell (Wilson), the running game and their defense is healthy. They’re just playing well."

(On CB E.J. Gaines)
"He didn’t do anything today. He’ll be doubtful for the game. He’s listed as doubtful."

(On if it will be a combination of CB Marcus Roberson and S Lamarcus Joyner and his confidence level in them)
"I think they need to play. That’s what happens when somebody goes down, unfortunately, but someone else gets some reps. Obviously, Marcus had the Kansas City start which was good. We’ll expect him to play both outside and then use (S) Rodney (McLeod) as well as Lamarcus inside."

(On having his eye on Roberson throughout the draft)
"Yeah, he is. It’s one of those deals where you had him up, had a good grade on him and for some reason obviously, he’s still there. We went ahead with not only Lamarcus, but E.J. and so went a different direction. Obviously, he accepted our college free agent invitation and has done very well for himself."

(On if he thinks that because the 2014 Draft was so deep with defensive backs, Roberson didn’t get drafted and if he would have been drafted if it was any other year)
"Yeah, he’s got starter ability this week and he’s proven that by playing."

(On WR Brian Quick’s injury and if missing the offseason will set him back)
"No, it’s not going to set him back. He’s working very hard. It was an extensive injury. It was a lot of work that took place that went on inside that shoulder. He’ll be back in plenty of time. The running and those kinds of things, the route running and strength will all come back. "

(On if he thinks he will be back for training camp)
"A little more concerned…not that I’m not concerned with Brian, but our focus is more on Seattle as opposed to when people are going to be back next offseason. We can discuss that on Tuesday if you want to."

(On if Seattle is a well-balanced a team as he’s seen in the league in a long time in consistency)
"Yeah, just from the standpoint that their defense is always ranked – it’s been always ranked in the past three or four years. What they’re doing on defense is pretty impressive. But, they also have the explosiveness on offense to strike really fast. When you can go four or five plays and some points, and then you come you put your defense on the field you get the ball right back, makes it difficult."

(On if their WRs Jermaine Kearse and Doug Baldwin are underrated)
"Kearse and Baldwin are playing well. Baldwin had a big play against us during the game last year. He’s got great speed. Very explosive and run after catch stuff is there. He’s using the tight ends and (RB) Marshawn (Lynch). Russell knows to get the ball into Marshawn’s hands as well. That’s where those big plays, those 10-12-yard gains come up."

(On if their defense is not so much complicated schemes, it’s that they play it so well)
"No they’re not. They’re not elaborate, like in comparison to some schemes. They just do a few things really, really well and they’re hard to tackle."

Gregg Williams – Post-Practice – December 26, 2014

(On if he had ever had a last practice with weather like today)
"I’ve coached a lot of different climates. I’ve been just freezing. One time I got in trouble because I left the garage doors open in the indoor facility and we busted the pipes because I wanted to acclimate the team. We busted all the pipes inside the indoor facility because I left the doors open too long. So, I’ve had all different kinds of things happen on the last practices."

(On what happened in the last game)
"We had a couple of explosive plays, especially on third down. Missed communications that you head scratch a little bit. It’s not characteristic of us. Nobody makes those mistakes on purpose, but there’s things you can get done. Since I’ve come in here, the very first thing is you can’t allow deep passes to happen. If you let the ball go over your head in a hurry, then nobody gets to play. We let the ball go over our head in a hurry on a couple of those third downs. When you force teams to 17, 18, 19 third downs in a ballgame there’s a lot of good football going on to get into those situations. We had four or five explosive plays on third down that’s just uncharacteristic of us because we’ve played so solid. Head scratching. I’m not going to use the bad words, but very irritating."

(On if he thought the defense was past the communication errors)
"Yeah. It shows every day, it doesn’t make any difference what you’ve done before in the past. It’s not something where anybody does it on purpose, but there’s just some hesitations and some miscommunications and a couple different guys playing that haven’t been playing in a while. All of the sudden you lose your comfort zone on expecting people to do things as opposed to communicating when you’re out there. They had the right answers once they got to the sideline, but on a particular play they let some people get away from us."

(On what he says about every day)
"Every day’s an interview. Every single day as a coach, as a player in this league it’s a production business. It doesn’t make any difference what you did two plays ago, it’s what you do this play right now. Some of the best players in the world have an opportunity or have that great instinct about getting that play out of their mind, so that they’re focused and don’t let it travel with you two, or three plays. I think we had a little bit of that too. Where we let a play travel with us four or five plays later and all of the sudden it compounds then dominos. You’ve got to be able to stop the avalanche. You’ve got to be able to stop the mistake progress that’s going on and do it the right way. By the end of the game we did. By the end of the game, got it into the fourth quarter got the ball back a couple of times and did the right things, but we just made to many mistakes early."

(On the Seahawks offensive performance last week and how they have improved since the Week 7 game)
"That’s probably the only consolation I had when I went home and TV scouted that game. I thought, ‘Well, welcome, welcome, welcome. I guess it just wasn’t us.’ So, when I was watching that game, I couldn’t believe it. Those things happen. This is a football team that we know each other so well in the division you start playing up for certain people within schemes. You saw them do that last week against Arizona. As they had certain schemed-up things versus personnel and we’ve got to combat those same things. We’ve done some of those same pictures in practice this week on what we think might be some things happen. You’ve got to coach the ‘what-ifs’ too. We’ve kind of taken some examples from that ballgame and said, ‘what-ifs’ if it was versus this personnel set with us. We’ve got to be able to do that because they’re very explosive."

(On the Seahawks’ wide receiving corps)
"They’re very consistent. He’s (Seahawks QB Russell Wilson) evolved as a quarterback into that next step on throwing people open. I say this all the time, the top quarterbacks in our league have the ability, have the mindset that when guys are covered in our league they still throw them open. They throw it to a back shoulder. They throw it to a front shoulder. They throw it to a low hip or a back hip. Russell’s done quite a bit of that here as he’s evolved into this next year of his progress as a player in this league. Those guys have caught closely contested balls. Then with the threat of what they do in the run game, they get some wide open people when people have poor eyes and go have to play the run game and let somebody run free. We’ve got to do a great job of that in that run-pass conflict not let it cloud up or minds and play the right way."

(On if the Seahawks’ receivers do a good job continuing their routes while Wilson extends the play with his legs)
"They do an excellent job of keeping the play alive. They do an excellent job of doing it in a comfort way that the quarterback and the receivers are on the same page. You’ll see one deep, one short. I go back to my days back a long time ago with Jacksonville. I thought (former Jaguars Head Coach and current Giants Head Coach) Tom Coughlin a long time ago had that big with (former Jaguars WRs) Jimmy Smith and Keenan McCardell, (former Jaguar) Mark Brunell was the quarterback. They’d improvise into big plays. I see some of the same similarities there as they improvise into big plays. From a coaching standpoint, that’s very frustrating. It’s frustrating when you allow the players on the other team to do that improvisation stuff that you don’t have any control over now because he’s gotten outside of the pocket. He’s adapting, adjusting, doing things on his own and now it really, really affects our discipline especially our eye discipline. We play with good eyes we’ll be fine. We play with poor eyes they’re explosive enough to hurt you."

(On Wilson’s ability to avoid the big hits)
"He avoids the big hits. He gets down, he gets it. As coaches across the league and owners across the league that want to talk about, ‘Hey, take those hits off of our quarterbacks. Let’s not run the option game. Let’s not run the zone game.’ Well, you see Russell do it because he has that wherewithal. He has that instinct of taking the hits off of himself. He goes down when he needs to go down. He gets out of bounds when he needs to get out of bounds. So, you can run those plays and know that you’re not putting your quarterback at risk. Some of the other guys, don’t get it in the league. They want to try to extend the plays a little bit and it’s a full contact league. There’s guys in our league that can run and are punishing the quarterbacks in those situations. You don’t see those shots on Russell. Russell’s very, very, very tough to get down. He had, in this last ballgame, two or three runs where he had two or three guys that had dead on shots on him and he makes them miss into space. He has that very good feel about that. Consequently, as an offensive coach you even look better when he improvises and makes you look real good on a play that got nullified by the defense. Now he improvised and creates a new play out of it. Those are the things that come back to haunt you defensively."

(On if the development of CB Lamarcus Joyner)
"He’s done very well. He’s come on and he’s battled through some injuries. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to see him play a little bit this week."