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Random Ramsdom 12/26: Happy Boxing Day!

The Rams are prepping for their seemingly annual Week 17 trip to Seattle. With a W, the Rams have the ability to knock the Seahawks from the #1 Seed all the way down to a Wild Card team. Can the Rams stun the NFL world again?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Holiday Wish List | 101 Sports

A wish list for all 3 St Louis Sports teams. If the Rams could make even 2 of these 4 wishes happen over the offseason, they're playoff chances next year skyrocket

Patience, Padawan. Patience | 101 Sports

Kevin Wheeler explains why the Rams should hold onto Jeff Fisher.

Kroenke Makes Naughty List | 101 Sports

Santa is frowning at the Rams owner...

Ogletree Looks to Keep JL55 at Bay | AP

OLB Alec Ogletree looks to lead the Rams in tackles for the 2nd year in a row. James Laurinitis just wants to win.

Wells Owns Mistakes and Keeps His Job | AP

Can someone please tell me why Barrett Jones or Tim Barnes aren't playing. Is an injured Scott Wells really better than both of the alternatives. Just cut Wells and be done with it already.

Week 17 Preview | Bleacher Report

Not much love here for the Rams

Rex Ryan Bashes Donald |

I mean, I get sticking up for your players...but Rex (per usual) is barking up the wrong tree here. Donald has been the highest rated DT in the NFL - not just rookies, all DTs - for much of the season. Check your facts, yo!

Donald Humbled by Pro-Bowl Selection | ESPN NFL Nation

I love his attitude as much as I love his play.

Tanking,..NFL Style | Cover 32

GTFOH. If the last 2 months haven't shown you that 'Fish won't let his players give up, then you need LASIK...

'08 NFC West Worst Division Ever | FiveThirtyEight

The masters of crunching numbers determine that this year's NFC South is NOT the worst division of all time.

Top 5 Defensive Coordinators | Football Nation

We all know Gregg Williams' talent for coaching, but I'm not sure we expected results this good, this early in his tenure. With a full offseason working with familiar players, Williams will take this Defense to the next level in '15.

RG3 To The Rams? | Football Nation

Why won't this just go away? We already have an injury-prone QB. Why do we need to add another. At least Sammy boy can throw the ball when he's on the field. He just can't stay healthy.

Evaluating Jameis Winston | MMQB

Everyone knows that the talent is there, but is he worth the risk?

Game Preview | ESPN NFL Nation

Nick Wagoner and Terry Blount analyze the Rams Week 17 Matchup

JJ and Tavon Pro-Bowl Alternates | ESPN NFL Nation

I'm surprised that TJ Mac didn't get some love here as well.

Who's Available at QB? |

Looking at QBs who could be available this offseason. Predictably, Jay Cutler is at the top of the list.

Rams Draft Needs | Rant Sports

This falls in the "No Duh" category. My 5 year old could tell me this much about the Rams.

Free Agency Targets | Rant Sports

Torrey Smith? I'm listening.....