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Fantasy Football Season Over? No So Fast My Friends. FanDuel Time!

If you are like me and your successful seasons are over, you might still need a jolt to your week 17 viewing pleasure. Let's take a stab at Fan Duel this week.

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We thought last week was our final article, but I had a few requests to list some Fan Duel players and salaries I like this week. I have not covered this in depth this year, but will next year. Why not get a head start? I am going to make a list by position of players I like ranging from cheap to top dollar so you have flexibility to make you lineups successful. Let's get to it.


  • Logan Thomas, $5000 - If you are going to go cheap, he is your guy...but I would be very nervous.
  • Mark Sanchez, $7,400 - In real life, he is not a good QB. But, he is starting, and the Giants defense while improved is still below average.
  • Ben Roethlisberger, $8,100 - He should have a a nice day at home with a pretty tough match up as not many teams have stopped him all year.
  • Ryan Tannehill, $8,300 - The Jets secondary is still awful, and he is coming off a big week.


  • Joseph Randle, $4,500 - Keep an eye on inactives, but I do not see a scenario in which he does not get 15 touches.
  • Devonta Freeman, $5,100 - Jackson is out, and he finally flashed last week. It's not a great match up, but this is one that can be huge.
  • Jonas Gray, $5,300 - The Bills run defense has not been as good, and the Patriots will play to win.
  • Latavius Murray 6,200 - Sparano came out saying he thinks he is a RB1. I expect him to showcase him in a game in which Denver rests most of their players.
  • Matt Asiata, $6,400 - All of Twitter Fantasy Football rips him every week, and all he has done is become a top 20 fantasy RB. Great match up against the Bears.
  • James Stewart, $6,600 - This is going to be a popular pick due to the match up and maybe the best run of his career.
  • Joique Bell, $7,200 - He was benched in the first quarter last week, so it is a gamble. The Lions need ball control though against an average Packers defense.
  • Jeremy Hill, $7,300 - He will be in every FanDuel lineup this week with the price and match up.
  • Le'Veon Bell, $9,200 - The best fantasy RB at this point in the seaosn playing for the division.


  • Danny Amendola, $4,800 - He had 11 targets and should see close to the same this week.
  • Dontrelle Inman, $4,800 - He came in last week with no catches but stepped up big time with 7 for 78. Big target.
  • Allen Hurns, $5,100 - The Texans continue to be a bottom 5 teams defending WRs, but you are counting on Blake Bortles.
  • Mohammad Sanu, $6,000 - This is a play if Green is not active, as he exploded when Green was out earlier in the year.
  • Brandon LaFell, $6,700 - Like I mentioned above, the Pats are playing to win. Plus, he's solid week in and week out.
  • Mike Evans, $7,600 - He is on a bad run, but I think they try to get him into the offseason on a good note. Can't avoid the fact he gets the Saints to boot.
  • Jordy Nelson, $8,800 - If I am going big, this is as sure a pick as you can get especially when they play at home.
  • Odell Beckham Jr., $9,200 - It is just fun to watch and root for him


  • Larry Donnell, $4,900 - I am playing the match up more than the player here.
  • Delanie Walker, $5,200 - He has been a top-six TE this year and is the best receiver on the Titans.
  • Coby Fleener, $5,300 - It looks like Dwayne Allen is out. When he was earlier in the season, Fleener was a top 3 TE.
  • Greg Olsen, $6,400 - He is now second in points from the TE position this year. And while the Falcons are playing better, they are still the Falcons.


  • Jay Feely, $4,500
  • Justin Tucker, $4,700


  • Texans, $5,400 - The Jaguars are easily the best team to start a defense against.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Holidays! Fantasy Mike

(Note from 3k: FanDuel's still putting the TST league together. Should have it ready to go either tomorrow or Friday.)