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Rams- Giants Man Crush Monday: Giving the Offense Some Love

The defense didn't show up to the Ed yesterday... but that didn't stop some offensive playmakers from shining.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Wow. I thought that there might be some minor regression to the norm on defense...but this? This was just appalling. The Rams season has been analogous to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde all year. The Dr can come in and absolutely dominate Peyton Manning and his cast of All-Pros, but then Mr Hyde can show up and get annihilated by the lesser Manning Brother, and a pair of rookies (albeit stellar).

Yesterday was a disaster, plain and simple. There will be plenty of time to hash out what needs to happen moving forward - we're looking at you Scott Wells - but my job is to highlight what went well. With that said.... lets jump right in!

Option #1 - Kenny Britt

Britt made a bold statement yesterday. The season may be lost, but Britt is making his case for being re-signed this off-season. With 9 catches for 103 yards, I'll admit that I was against the signing at first. I thought Britt would be the latest in a line of former Titans that Fisher brings in and inevitably flames out. If yesterday is any indication, Britt has a future in St. Louis, and not as a UFA bust.

Option #2 - Tre Mason

Mason's numbers don't pop when you look at the box score. But anytime a RB averages 5.8 yards per carry, they will likely find themselves on MCM. Mason added a touchdown to his 76 rushing yards and was another bright spot for the Rams. With every passing week, he further solidifies his spot in the Rams future plans.

Option #3 - Tavon Austin

Tavon's role has morphed this season. At the beginning of the season, Schotty inexplicably had him running between the tackles. But, since making the jet sweep a part of the offense, he has been much more effective as a runner. So much so that he has somewhat disappeared as a receiver, but in my opinion that's more a product of the QB situation and offensive structure. Toss in the big punt returns, and he's earned his spot here over the past few weeks.