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Rams 27, Giants 37: Beckham, Manning Put on a Show in the Dome

The Rams' defense had been the centerpiece of the team over the last month. Not so, today.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it wasn't pretty by any means.

Eli Manning rode Odell Beckham, Jr., and Rueben Randle to a huge day that raised some questions about a Rams secondary that had been playing really good ball over the last handful of weeks. Andre Williams also tore it up in the ground game ensuring that the Rams' defense had plenty of questions all around.

On the offensive side, Shaun Hill put forth a valiant effort. His interception came on a Tavon Austin unreception (it's a word, now). The Rams also had two fumbles bookending the game, the first via Benny Cunningham that led to Beckham's first TD. But in between, Hill leaned on Kenny Britt for a 9-reception, 100+-yard day and a well above-average Tre Mason performance (though the lack of running volume hamstrung the Rams a bit) for a solid overall offensive showing.

In the end, this came down to a defense that was carved apart en route to a 20-3 deficit that was too much to overcome as the Giants would add 17 more.

New question marks? Welcome to the team.