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NFL Power Rankings Week 14: The Immaculating

Will a 52-0 win over Oakland vault the Rams into the teens?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Let's see how the rankings treat the Rams after that 52-0 spanking of the Raiders.

As always, if there's a power ranking you think merits inclusion, let me know and I'll start putting it in.

Average ranking (# of rankings) 20.25 (8)
Average change from last week +0.88
Highest ranking (source) 16th (Fox Sports)
Lowest ranking (source) 22nd (Prisco)
Biggest positive change (source) +3 (Fox Sports)
Biggest negative change (source) -1 (SB Nation)

SB Nation: 20th (19th)

Oakland followed up its upset over Kansas City in the most Raiders way possible: a 52-0 loss to the Rams. Speaking of the Rams, it looks like Jeff Fisher has his team back on track and headed to another 7-9 or maybe even 8-8 finish, which tells you all you need to know about how the most mediocre coach in NFL history has managed to hold a head coaching job for 20 seasons.

ESPN: 21st (23rd)

St. Louis tied for the fourth-largest shutout win of any team since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, and it was the franchise's biggest shutout since 1976. 20th (21st)

Thought the Rams would win the We Used To Play In L.A. Bowl, but 52-0?! That was the third-highest point total since this franchise moved to St. Louis. In fact, the "Greatest Show on Turf" Rams only surpassed that number once. That came in 2000, when Kurt Warner and Trent Green exacted some revenge on Rodney Harrison and the Chargers by throwing for 465 yards. Yeah, well, Shaun Hill only threw for 183 Sunday -- which was more like Tony Banks, who threw for 188 in the Rams' 59-16 blasting of the Falcons in 1996.

CBS Sports (Prisco): 22nd (24th)

That defense is starting to play good football, which could make life tough for their remaining four opponents.

CBS Sports (Kirwan): 20th (20th)

This is the No. 1 spoiler team from here to the finish line. No one wants to play the Rams right now especially with Chris Long back on the defensive line.

Yahoo! Sports: 20th (20th)

I’ll give the Rams credit for this: Most NFL teams would have talked themselves into just rolling with Zac Stacy at running back for another year. The Rams saw a back in Tre Mason they thought was better, and drafted him despite Stacy having a decent rookie year. And it was the right move, obviously.

Pro Football Talk: 23rd (23rd)

Well, it’s clear which former L.A. team L.A. should want back.

Fox Sports: 16th (19th)

With DE Chris Long back in the lineup, the Rams are locked in on defense. Rookie DT Aaron Donald has been the main factor in the run defense’s improvement from 2013. The young skill position players -- Tre Mason and Stedman Bailey -- have made a huge impact on offense.