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Random Ramsdom 12/2: Victory Overshadowed by 'Hands Up' Gesture

The Rams had an amazing showing against the lowly Raiders when they laid a historic beatdown upon them. However, the Rams are all over the NFL news not because of the, but because five members of the team chose to make a controversial gesture.

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Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Monday Wrap-Up:

Though it was originally reported the Rams issued an apology, contrary reports have surfaced.

USA Today writer believes the Rams players are standing up for what they believe in.


Upcoming  Opponent: Redskins

The Redskins gaffed their Cyber Monday sale, but will they gaff the game against the Rams as well?



Following a victory of enormous magnitude, the coach addresses his players.

Just your weekly Jeff Fisher Monday presser.

The consistent theme in articles such as this: Rams are a QB away.


Draft Tracker:

Yet again, the Rams are charted just outside the top ten and OT Brandon Scherff is slotted to us.


Around the League:

Goodell has made active use of his power, but the NFL is willing to reduce it.

This is interesting, but the real question is which team will be playing there?

For better or worse, Johnny Football has made his way onto the field for the Browns.


Division Standings:

1. Cardinals, 9-3
2. Seahawks, 8-4
3. 49ers, 7-5
4. Rams, 5-7


Stat of the Day:

The Rams' 52-0 victory was the ninth largest margin of victory in NFL history since the merger and was only the second time in history a game had such a score.