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Rams 2015 Schedule: Final Two Weeks to Determine Final Two Opponents

We're nearly certain who the Rams will be playing in 2015...and where.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

We've almost got the full list of who the Rams will be playing in 2015. Here's how it looks right now:

Rams 2015 opponents
Home Away
Chicago Bears logo Chicago Bears packers logo (200x200) @ Green Bay Packers
Detroit Lions logo Detroit Lions Minnesota Vikings logo Minnesota Vikings
Cleveland Browns logo Cleveland Browns Baltimore Ravens logo Baltimore Ravens
Pittsburgh Steelers logo Pittsburgh Steelers Cincinnati Bengals logo Cincinnati Bengals
TBD Same-Seed NFC South TBD @ Same-Seed NFC East
Arizona Cardinals logo Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals logo Arizona Cardinals
niners logo (200x200) San Francisco 49ers niners logo (200x200) San Francisco 49ers
Seattle Seahawks logo Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks logo Seattle Seahawks

It's an interesting lineup.

The two open slots will be the team from the South and East that ends up in the same spot as the Rams do in the West. Right now, we're in fourth so those teams would be Tampa and Washington. If the Rams end up surpassing the 49ers into third place, then that would end up being the Giants from the East and...any of the three other teams in the South. So really, the Rams might want to hold on to that fourth spot. It's hard to imagine Washington getting back into winning football in just one offseason from where they are now.

There are also a couple of things to think about in terms of strength of schedule. The Rams' 2014 schedule, based on where their opponents finished in 2013, carried a .563 strength of schedule which is whopping. Of course that's largely due to the strength of the NFC West standings last year where the Cardinals, Seahawks and 49ers alone carried a .729 winning percentage...But you also had the Rams picking up the 4th seed from the NFC North and South, Minnesota and Tampa Bay respectively, who went a combined 9-22-1, good for a .281 winning clip. Should the Rams face Tampa and Washington, this year's fourth seed potential opponents, they're sitting at 5-23...which translates to a .179 percentage.

The 2014 NFC North is stronger than the 2013 NFC East which bulks things up a bit. Even if you throw us Tampa and Washington, the Rams would be facing a 2015 schedule that carries a .563 SoS on 2014 records as it stands...exactly what we had going into this year. So for as much as we worried, and rightly so, about the Octet of Pain, the Rams might well be going through a similar stretch next year.

It's just par for the course right now. The Rams are in a tough, perhaps the toughest, division in football and happen to be running across divisions as they're hitting stride.

Life as a Rams fan.

(h/t to Mile High Report for the table assist)