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Rams-Cardinals: Post-Game Q&A With Revenge of the Birds

Going back to last Thursday to re-visit the Rams' 12-6 loss at the hands of the Cardinals with Jess Root from Revenge of the Birds.

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Was that anywhere near what you expected? Do you feel better about the Cards after the game? Why or why not?

It was the exact sort of game I expected. It actually was better than expected because I was very afraid the Cardinals would get beaten up physically. So a win was fantastic.

Do I feel better? NOOOOO!!!! The Cards (virtually) clinched a playoff spot and the postseason might be wasted with Ryan Lindley. I loved how the defense played, but I have no real postseason hope if Drew Stanton is out for more than a week or two.

So now what for the Rams? They are eliminated. What are they playing for?

Well I think the only real thing they're playing for is to figure some things out for 2015 and beyond. Every snap for guys like Greg Robinson, Tre Mason and E.J. Gaines this early in their careers is crucial for development.

But other than that, let's put the tropes aside. The season's over.

Did you catch the quote from Bruce Arians about one team being 11-3 and the other 8-8? Do you think that was meant as a jab at the Rams and the media for saying how good the Rams are?

Yes, yes and yes. And it was perfect.

Look, Arians has done an amazing job with you guys. He's earned the right to troll anyone he wants and point to his record if he gets questioned on it.

What happened to the rush defense? It had been fantastic over the last 5 weeks after being bad the first 8.

Well, they pushed the shell a bit to drop the linebackers which opened things up a bit. But the bottom line is that the defense didn't allow a touchdown. They did their job. The offense though...

Here's a question for you. What do you guys need to do to improve your offense for 2015? How are you guys going to get enough points this year to win a postseason game?

With potentially Ryan Lindley? They won't. With Drew Stanton, it's questionable. Losing Carson Palmer really derailed what was potentially a special season.

Stanton could do the job, but they would need home games. The key lately is the running game has come alive with Kerwynn Williams. If they can run the ball at all, they can score enough -- not a lot, but enough.

For you, what was the most disappointing part of the game? Are there moments in which you would second guess decisions that Jeff Fisher made?

I don't know that there was one specific moment that was disappointing. It was just frustrating overall to see the offense struggle so badly. Taking nothing away from you guys because your defense is legit, but 6 points...

But that's central to why the Rams will finish outside the playoffs this season: the offense just hasn't been good enough often enough to get it done.

Well, you could argue that is the simple reality of playing 2nd and 3rd string QBs, right?

Perhaps. But while you guys look to get a long-term replacement to supplant Carson Palmer, you're sitting pretty at 11-3. The Rams are now 6-8. One of us has managed the road without the franchise QB a bit better than the other...

Thanks to Jess for doubling back to last Thursday with me.

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