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Random Ramsdom; Early Season Wrap ups

So, no playoffs once again and just two games to go with only the role of spoiler for incentive. Shall we?

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Yep. This rocks. -ESPN

Watt received a letter recently from a seven-year-old whose friends call him J.J. because he also plays defensive end and tight end. Dreaming big, the kid autographed his own jersey and sent it to Watt so Watt would have it when the kid became a famous NFL player, just like Watt.


Watching MNF the other night, the Bears ended up with a 3rd and 28...or something in that area, so I got to thinking- What is the longest down and distance ever in the NFL?

According to this guy, it was in 2006 and the Detroit Lions found themselves in a 2nd and 65 situation! There seems to be some debate on this though. Every recap of the game that I can find, doesn't mention that at all. Can anyone confirm this?


So, the Rams will miss the playoffs, but they will have some unfamiliar company -ESPN

The 49ers miss the playoffs for the first time with Jim Harbaugh at the helm.

Speaking of Jim Harbaugh, it appears he has a rather randy suitor -San Jose Mercury News

From discussions I've had with people who know Harbaugh well and from what I've consistently heard from NFL sources, the Raiders seem to fit Harbaugh's ideal scenario better than any other team.

That would put a burr under the AFC West's saddle.

Rams favored again...this is getting weird! -Big Blue View

According to Editor in Chief of BBV, Ed Valentine, the Rams are favored by 5.5 points again this week. What is that four games in a row? This is the St. Louis Rams we are talking about, isn't it?

A look back at this years first round, defensive rookies -NFL

It is always with a bit of trepidation and amusement that I look back on first round draftees after a season of play. Damn! We could have had that guy! And Geez...glad we passed him up. We all had our favorites back before the draft (what was that like 1200 BC?), mine was HaHa Clinton-Dix with the 13th pick. Turns out, after almost a full season he has been pretty good, so my talent scout hopes are still alive...glad we passed though! You know why...

Who will be the league MVP? -ESPN

My choice is Texans defensive end J.J. Watt. But, we all know it will go to yet another quarterback headed to the playoffs. Yawn...

Proof that people are stupid...and brilliant -UPROXX

This really happened. 30,000 paid money...real money for poo.

Cards Against Humanity grossed $180,000 selling poop. Geez.

Might want to keep an eye on this one -Orlando Sentinel

While it doesn't seem likely for the Rams to land either of these two Heisman trophy winners, the Rose Bowl will have serious implications for the quarterback situation come draft time.

So, in case you didn't notice, Christmas is fast approaching and it happens to be my favorite time of year. I also happen to be a bit of a Teutonophile, so let's use this as our theme song today...