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NFL Power Rankings Week 16: The Returning

Thursday night's loss has the Rams near the bottom third of the standings. Where do the major power rankings put them this week?

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

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As always, if there's a power ranking you think merits inclusion, let me know and I'll start putting it in.

Average ranking (# of rankings) 18.50 (8)
Average change from last week -1.25
Highest ranking (source) 16th (Fox Sports)
Lowest ranking (source) 21st (Prisco)
Biggest positive change (source) +1 (Yahoo!)
Biggest negative change (source) -5 (Fox Sports)

week 16 power rankings chart

SB Nation: 18th (17th)

ESPN: 20th (20th)

With a defense ranked sixth in efficiency, there are clearly pieces in place for the Rams. What will the Rams' offense look like in Week 1 next season? 18th (18th)

He might be a savvy veteran. He might be immensely likable. And he might have the trust of the coaching staff. But Shaun Hill simply cannot succeed with the offensive line playing like it did Thursday night. And he sure as heck can't flourish dealing Charlie Hough knuckleballs on some of his passes, either.

CBS Sports (Prisco): 21st (20th)

They continued to play good defense last week against the Cardinals. But that offense was ugly.

CBS Sports (Kirwan): 18th (16th)

The Rams have solid young pass rushers and skill players, but need a reliable QB or they'll remain stuck in obscurity. Addressing that need is Priority One this offseason.

Yahoo! Sports: 19th (20th)

They might be a good quarterback away from being really good, but the fair question to ask is: How are they going to get one? They won't draft high enough to grab one in what looks like a mediocre quarterback draft class, and anyone they can acquire via trade or free agency will be available for a reason.

Pro Football Talk: 18th (16th)

Bruce Arians has shown Jeff Fisher how to properly throw shade.

Fox Sports: 16th (11th)

Aaron Donald is on the fast track to becoming the Defensive Rookie of the Year, and he has helped to anchor a defense that is playing as good as any in the NFL right now. However, the offense lacks consistency out of their few playmakers.