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Fantasy football season over? Play FanDuel's Turf Show Times League with a 100% deposit bonus

The top 10 in the TST League will make their entry fee and then some!

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Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The TST League is back up and a full go today with 44 slots available to sign up for. And you'll want to sign up today to get some extra cash added to your account...

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I mentioned we've got 44 slots. That's untrue. There are 43 left since yours truly is in the mix. Last time, I finished I'm kinda out for revenge to make that cash up.

So sign up! You don't have to worry about fantasy playoffs. It's a week to week league, so we're all starting from scratch. And yes, you'll have to keep an eye on the Falcons to see what they do with Julio Jones today. That could make or break some peoples' FanDuel lineups.

But in the end, all that matters is that you give it a shot. You know how the saying goes. Someone's gonna win the top prize. Might as well be me.