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Random Ramsdom 12/12: Offense Fails Rams

The Defense hasn't allowed a touchdown in 3 games, but it wasn't enough as the offense couldn't move the ball consistently. The Rams will be .500 or worse for the 11th season in a row.

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

Stat of the Night

Let's look at that from another angle shall we?

Another Cards QB Injured | ESPN

5 Weeks after Carson Palmer tore his ACL against the Rams, Drew Stanton fell victim to a knee injury against the Rams as well. If our QB hadn't missed the past season and a half with ACL injuries, I might feel bad for them. One thing's for sure: Every Rams fan knows the Cardinals pain right now.

Breakthrough Pushed to 2015 | Athlon Sports

Any hope that the Rams had for the playoffs were washed away with last night's loss. They are now relegated strictly to spoiler role for their annual week 17 bout with the Seahawks. Predictably, thoughts are now turning towards a breakout season next year.

Rams Want to Keep Bradford Around | Bleacher Report

DC touched on this earlier in the week, and it's not going away. To be blunt, Fisher wants Sammy B back; so Sam will be back. Simple as that. The only question is how much of a pay cut he's going to have to take to stick around.

Chris Long wants D to Pick up Offense | Belleville News-Democrat

"We’re a team," Long said. "You want to bail out your buddies and we didn’t make the big play to do it. Whether it’s a strip sack or a pick-six, something had to be done and we just flat-out didn’t answer the bell on it. It's crushing because we wanted that one."

That's a leader right there.

Zuerlein Recovers from Rough Game | CBS Sports

A week after having arguably his worst day as a pro, Greg Zuerlein hit both of his FG attempts and seems to have moved on from his struggles.

Britt and Bailey Shine |  CBS Sports

While the offense largely sputtered, it seemed that most of the big plays came from these two.

Donald and Mason Stand Out Among Peers | Cover 32

Rookies Aaron Donald and Tre Mason have made some noise as rookies. Donald nearly tops this list while Mason checks in at #7.

Rapid Reax | ESPN NFL Nation

Nick Wagoner hits on the highlights of the Loss and what it means for the Rams.

2 LA Rams Honored as Among Best of All Time | Football Nation

No surprise here.

Rams Remain in NFL Purgatory | Football Outsiders

The Rams aren't good enough to be on the 'Playoff Odds' chart, but aren't bad enough to land a Franchise QB. But for what it's worth, before the Loss, the Rams had 0.1% chance at making the playoffs.

Rams Show Politics Matter | FOX Sports

Two weeks after the Rams receiving corps revealed their stance on the situation in Ferguson, the Rams donate $50K to put a band-aid on the situation.

Trade for a Franchise QB? | Grantland

The Rams surface as suitors for two QBs who could be traded this off season. One is predictable, but the other may surprise you...

Hundley to Enter Draft | National Football Post

Barring a blockbuster trade, the Rams aren't getting Marcus Mariotta or Jameis Winston. Hundley declaring likely gives the Rams an option at QB in the middle of the 1st round. Is he there guy?

How the Rams Could Create Cap Room | Rant Sports

If they are all made, this would save the Rams over $30M against the 2015 Cap

Rams Would Pick 12th if Draft was Today |

Would someone please explain to me how RB is still a need for the Rams?

Honestly Bate, I'll take our QBs over long as they count Brett Hundley among them. Starting that Bandwagon! Who wants on?