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Random Ramsdom; Three-peat?

With two shutouts in a row - and taking on a struggling Cardinals team at home - can the Rams three peat?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Cool pics, hot numbers from last Sunday's win -St Louis Rams

It's a good time to be a Rams fan, even if the playoffs are light years away at the moment and while we should be looking forward to tomorrow's game (we'll get to that shortly), I for one am still dazzled by these last two games. Gimme more.

Jeff Fisher's troll game is tight -CBS Sports

I freakin' loved this. In an era when everyone goes out of their way to be so damned saccharin-sticky nice and respectful all the time, this was a breathe of fresh air. The kind of thing old school coaches did regularly.


Call me a simpleton(most people do), but I like the basic stats- the box score, the basic standings stats. Those bold brutes who lack all guile and just tell it how it is.

I maintain that you can learn a great deal about a team by these simple and easily found stats. The single stat that I look at the most when determining a team's worth is point differential or Net Points (NP). The plus or minus points between those allowed and those forced. Often overlooked, in favor of more sexy (I say shady) stats that employ made up words like "metric" the NP tells you everything you need to know about a team.

NFC West Standings

So yeah, the Rams are 6-7 which is the stat that counts, but check the NP, which is better than the 49ers and how they have scored more points than the division leading Cardinals.

Conclusion- The Rams are a volcano, slowly building pressure and the inevitable is coming...


Rams future, part III -Inside

This is part three of Shane Gray's excellent reporting on any move or stadium deal affecting the St. Louis Rams. If you missed the first two parts, no worries, there are convenient links in this one.

Can the Rams extend their shutout campaign to three straight? -Fox Sports

Yes. Yes they can. Arizona has been struggling on offense ever since Carson Palmer went down in the first tilt between these two teams.

They scored at least 20 in the three Drew Stanton started as Palmer was sidelined with a shoulder problem earlier this season, but have averaged 14.0 during his latest starting stint as he's thrown five interceptions in four games. Top rusher Andre Ellington also struggled after Palmer went down, and he was placed on season-ending injured reserve this week with a hip problem.

That is exactly the kind of situation on which Quinn and Co. can feast...but will they? The last time a team posted three consecutive shutouts, this country was celebrating it's 200th anniversary. The team; Pittsburgh Steelers. Shutting out Oakland and Washington is one thing, the Arizona Cardinals quite another. It should be noted that they were held to just a field goal by Seattle though. It could be real interesting.

An eye on the eye of the enemy -Seattle Seahawks

Name To Know

Kerwynn Williams. The rookie running back out of Utah State was called up from Arizona's practice squad just two days before the team's win over the Chiefs. He finished Sunday's contest with 100 yards on 19 carries, good for a 5.3-yard average in place of the injured Ellington.

This kid is interesting. A 5.2 yard average against the formidable KC defense is worth noting and keeping an eye on come Thursday. Not much tape to peruse, so...

Playoff spots are currently up for clinching -NFL

This week, Green Bay and Arizona have the possibility to clinch a playoff berth with wins, plus some help. Oh boy...

And once again, it is time to sign off, but naturally, we need a theme song. My apologies to some, but I am thinking that some more heavy metal is in order...blame the two shutouts...this just fits...