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Dolphins-Jets: Monday Night Football Open Thread

MNF tonight is the domain of the AFC East.

Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Well, it's not exactly a playoff preview.

The 6-5 Miami Dolphins are in New Jersey to take on the 2-9 New York Jets on Monday Night Football.

Miami's trying to climb into contention in a crowded AFC East that includes the 9-3 New England Patriots as well as the 7-5 Buffalo Bills. The Jets, meanwhile, are just dealing with the downspiral. We've done that before, and yall know how it goes. You have to ride it out. There's nothing else to do.

If we're looking at the draft order, the Jets are in the fifth spot going into this game. The Rams are in the 12-hole with the Dolphins two picks after us. The key to remember when thinking about the Rams' draft pick is that we're nearly assured to pick last among teams with the same record as us. Our strength of schedule is such that we're going to be at the back of team we finish alongside. And while the Jets will certainly be ahead of us taking an option off the board, it's worth tracking the Dolphins these last few weeks. Between them and us, it could be a back-to-back situation.

So it is for MNF. Enjoy.