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NFL Week 10 Early Game Open Thread

As the Rams wait to get started in Phoenix, here are the seven other games in action.

Tom Pennington

Here are the seven games in action ahead of the Rams-Cardinals game coming up later.

Chiefs (5-3) at Bills (5-3) - game page

Obvious playoff implications on the line. With Kyle Orton having helped the Bills go 3-1 since taking over for E.J. Manuel, it should be interesting to see this one play out up in Buffalo. Kansas City's passing attack is pretty dismal, but they defend the pass extremely well.

Dolphins (5-3) at Lions (6-2) - game page

Another big matchup with postseason implications on the line. Miami is growing into a quality team coming off of a 37-0 trouncing of early season starlet San Diego. Detroit's coming off of a bye week allowing Calvin Johnson to heal up. With Detroit's defensive line, they could be on their way to a first division title since 1993.

Cowboys (6-3) at* Jaguars (1-8) - game page

* - to be played at Wembley Stadium, London, England

Well, you've got the London angle. You've got Tony Romo who might be able to play, or at least start, despite broken bones in his back. And you've got what looks on paper to be an easy win for Dallas. If Jacksonville can stick in this through halftime, this could be fun.

49ers (4-4) at Saints (4-4) - game page

Two teams underperforming preseason expectations needing a win to right the ship in November? Something tells me motivation won't be lacking in this one...

Titans (2-6) at Ravens (5-4) - game page

Meh. Steer clear.

Steelers (6-3) at Jets (1-8) - game page

I don't know if this is the game for the Jets to stop the slide, but it could be fun simply for chaos' sake.

Falcons (2-6) at Buccaneers (1-7) - game page

Worst game of the early stretch. Cross your fingers for Steven Jackson who is clearly at the end of a stellar career. This is draft order fodder though.