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Jared Cook is the NFL’s Most Elite Blocking Tight End

There aren’t many players on the St. Louis Rams squad that can be considered elite. Robert Quinn’s pass rush? Maybe. Jared Cook’s blocking? Absolutely!

Michael Thomas

ESPN posted an Insider piece yesterday titled "Best NFL Player at Every Trait."  In case you don’t have Insider, I thought you might find it interesting to know that Mark Dominik finds one particular Rams’ player - Jared Cook - to be blocking.

Blocking: Jared Cook, St. Louis Rams
It is still important to keep defensive coordinators honest, and unless you have a matchup nightmare TE like Thomas, you want your tight ends to be able to block not just in the running game but help in pass protection when needed. Cook has the strength and footwork to be an asset in the passing game even when he isn't running a route.

If you’re scratching your head, it’s not you, it’s Mark.  And I feel for the other 31 team’s who have a tight end whose blocking ability is inferior to this...

To be fair, what Cook may lack in blocking opposing defenders, he more than makes up for with his ability to stymie an unwanted handshake from a teammate...