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Random Ramsdom 11/7: Everybody Loves GIFs

Something catchy.... Who wants to see Sack City on repeat? I have GIFs!

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Jenkins Looks like No-Go | STL Today

The Rams Secondary will likely be shuffled again this week with JJ and his replacement Marcus Roberson injured

Stacy Stays Positive About Timeshare | STL Today

Most RBs hate the RBBC approach that has largely taken over the NFL in recent years. Rams RB Zac Stacy has handled the situation with the grace and professionalism of a seasoned veteran.

Bernie Tackles Kroenke's Image Issue | STL Today

Yeah... Good luck with that one, bruh.

Next Step in Resolving Stadium Issue | STL Today

What's next after establishing the stadium committee?

Battle of Little Brothers | ESPN NFL Nation

The Cardinals are enjoying the breakthrough season that was supposed to be the Rams. Can Jeff Fisher and Co. do enough to knock off the NEW big bad beastie in the NFC West?

His Play Makes Noise, but He Doesn't | ESPN NFL Nation

Aaron Donald has made plenty of noise with his play, but you won't catch him talking trash in the locker room.

Thursday Practice Recap | St Louis

Presser from Fish included

How the Sack Train Got Started | St Louis

Can they keep building momentum in Glendale on Sunday?

Unique - read...political - Take on the Stadium Issues | Springfield News Reader

Can't say I disagree with the guy, but it just doesn't work that way in the NFL.

Opposing View: Rams Prepare For Cardinals | AZ

Compilation of interviews of Rams players regarding Sunday's opponent.

Don't Even Know Why I Bother With These Anymore..... | Bleacher Report

'Experts' again unanimously pick against Rams.

I Could Watch these GIFs all Day | Niners Nation

'Nuff Said