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Random Ramsdom 11/4: They are what we thought they were

Well, that's debatable. But they did look like what we thought they were this past Sunday.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Monday Wrap-Up:

--- Rams Shock the  Niners ---
One last recap of Sunday's game posted on Monday.


Upcoming Opponent: Cardinals

--- NFC West is Cardinals' to Lose ---
ESPN seems to think the Rams are facing the top dogs this week. After beating both the 49ers and Seahawks, the Rams should look to add the NFC West upset trifecta.

--- Cardinals Ward off  Cowboys ---
In defeating Dallas, Arizona dethroned the Rams as the kings of keeping Demarco Murray in check.


Fisher and the Gang:

--- Fisher Adamant about  Timeshare ---
Jeff Fisher hasn't committed to a sole running back yet this season, and, at this point, it seems the timeshare may remain for the season.

--- Welcome  Back, Williams ---
Greg Williams was supposed to bolster the Rams' pass rush. Finally, he has.

--- Fisher Making a Case for Coach of the Year ---
A vastly different perspective than most Rams fans would have.


Player  Spotlight: Rams D

--- Defense Finally Comes as Advertised ---
Literally... because the 'Sack City' moniker was the team's slogan heading into the year.

--- Examining the 8 Sacks ---
A 49er perspective on the barrage of QB hits Kaepernick suffered from.



--- Stacy's Head in Towel After Game ---
He has to be feeling for the lack of carries he's seen. Twice this year he hasn't seen the ball -- or even the field.

--- Offense Lags, Defense Shines ---
This report card is rather typical for this Sunday's game; the offense will need to be better.


QB Monitor:

--- Defenses Adjust to Davis ---
He looked like a legitimate NFL Quarterback, but now he looks more like a flash in the pan.


Draft Tracker:

--- Rams Projected CB, Marcus Peters ---
The newest installment of mock drafts goes with a CB for the Rams. The secondary could use work, but you have to think the Rams will go with an offensive lineman in round one.


Around the League:

--- 200 Former Players Opt Out of Concussion Suit ---

--- Foles out 6-8 Weeks ---
A once-promising season may be hindered with Mark Sanchez taking over the helm.

--- Lattimore Not Retiring... Yet ---
Prematurely announced, Marcus Lattimore hasn't retired. But he might.


Division Standings:

1. Cardinals, 7-1
2. Seahawks, 5-3
3. 49ers, 4-4
4. Rams, 3-5


The Twittersphere:



--- Visit the Rams' Website for a Collection of Team Interviews ---


Stat of the Day:

The Rams blitzed on 44% of plays on Sunday. Entering  Sunday, they'd blitzed on 41% of plays. Only slightly raising the amount of blitzes, the Rams had 8 sacks against the Niners opposed to 6 the rest of the year.


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