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Rams vs 49ers: The Quick Five

Some things happened on Sunday. The Rams ended up with a victory over the 49ers, but not without luck.

Ezra Shaw

I thought the Rams would be thoroughly dismantled after a back-breaking game against the Chiefs. Credit Jeff Fisher (and really, this is a specialty of his) with keeping the morale up for a team that's lost a lot in the past few days.

But if anyone can clue me into what the next 8 games will look like, let me know what you advise for lottery ticket numbers. The only thing anyone can say with certainty is that the Rams will decidedly win games and lose games. After that, you're looking at a crapshoot.


red down

Austin Davis, QB

The Austin Davis bandwagon has cooled off significantly in the last two weeks. Whether by design or not, Davis has gotten away from his 'I'll take whatever you give me approach' and the results haven't been pretty. The Rams need to protect him better, but you just can't force throws like that in the NFL and get away with it.

Green Up

Robert Quinn, DE

Where have you been all my life? Quinn and the entire defensive line were dominant yesterday. I'll start cheering when they have continued success, though. One game does not a season make.


Green Up

Alec Ogletree, OLB

Ogletree was impressive yesterday, which is a lot more than you could say about him in the previous few games. Still, give credit where credit is due. He was active as a pass rusher (a hit and a hurry) and was good in coverage allowing only a 33% completion percentage against him.

Green Up

Greg Robinson, LT

Greg Robinson had a decent outing - but it's more impressive that only a few weeks ago he was a backup guard to Davin Joseph. Robinson has improved at an insane pace. Whether that's coaching or just a player tapping into talent, it's a good sign.

red down

Marcus Roberson

I understand that the Rams are grasping for straws with the cornerbacks at this point, but why is it that the secondary has so many issues with coverage? Is it too complex a scheme? Are they simply outmatched? I don't understand why the Rams have given up so many critical touchdowns on busted plays.