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Rams 52, Raiders 0: A Different Class

The Rams dismantled the Raiders today.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders are now 1-11, a franchise struggling to find a way forward.

Five years ago, the Rams finished the 2009 season 1-15. We've been there, Oakland. It sucks.

The bottom line, though, is that five years later, the Rams are in a different class. Things have changed. New coaching staff, new front office and dozens of new players, many stacked through the early rounds of the draft thanks to the RGIII trade, have pushed the Rams out of the cellar. Consecutive 7-9 seasons in the last two years confirmed the talent base was sufficient.

So while we're still dealing with the disappointment of a season where the team won't make any significant improvements in the win-loss record, if any at all, it's worth remembering that this team has moved up from the bottom. That's significant.

It's significant because it means you get days like today. Days of utter, absolute dominance. The Rams completely outplayed the Raiders in every aspect of the game in nearly unbearable fashion. It was just too easy.

It was too easy for Stedman Bailey who broke 100 receiving yards in the first quarter. It was too easy for Tre Mason who picked up his 100 on the ground before halftime. And it was too easy for the defense who finished with six sacks, three interceptions one of which had Trumaine Johnson dancing in the end zone.

It was just too easy. But only because the Rams are good enough too make some games so.

Achievement unlocked.