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Rams-49ers: Injury-Riddled Rams Shift Personnel

Amid a near-injury crisis, the Rams were forced to shift things around in terms of playing time on Sunday. Here's how it shook out.

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D Joseph G 55 100.00%
J Barksdale T 55 100.00%
G Robinson G 55 100.00%
R Saffold T 55 100.00%
S Wells C 55 100.00%
A Davis QB 54 98.18%
K Britt WR 52 94.55%
J Cook TE 40 72.73%
T Mason RB 38 69.09%
S Bailey WR 35 63.64%
T Austin WR 32 58.18%
L Kendricks TE 28 50.91%
C Harkey TE 19 34.55%
B Cunningham RB 16 29.09%
C Givens WR 14 25.45%
T Watts RB 1 1.82%
S Hill QB 1 1.82%

The Rams went big yesterday in protection to keep the 49ers' pass rush at bay and lean on the running attack. While that certainly worked to a degree, the lack of passing offense left the Rams unable to convert long 3rd downs, especially on a day which Austin Davis had perhaps his worst showing of 2014. So the high work rates of Jared Cook, Lance Kendricks and Cory Harkey meant someone was going to be on the outs from the WR group. That ended up being Chris Givens.

While the running back by committee persisted, it was the closest we've come to seeing the Rams ride a single ball carrier for the game in Tre Mason. More to come on the RB front today.


T McDonald SS 67 100.00%
A Ogletree LB 67 100.00%
J Laurinaitis LB 67 100.00%
R McLeod FS 65 97.01%
E Gaines CB 62 92.54%
R Quinn DE 57 85.07%
T Johnson CB 52 77.61%
E Sims DE 52 77.61%
A Donald DT 47 70.15%
L Joyner FS 38 56.72%
M Brockers DT 36 53.73%
J Dunbar LB 33 49.25%
W Hayes DE 32 47.76%
A Carrington DT 22 32.84%
K Langford DT 22 32.84%
M Roberson CB 16 23.88%
D Bates LB 2 2.99%

With Rodney McLeod able to go, new Ram Mark Barron wasn't needed badly to stymie the 49ers. Once the Rams' four-man fronts were able to get consistent pressure on Colin Kaepernick, the secondary was able to keep close tabs on the Niners' receiving options resulting in a really strong day for the secondary. The Rams were able to hold Frank Gore in check leaving more opportunities for nickel shells as Jo-Lonn Dunbar only played half the snaps.

Special Teams

D Bates LB 25 89.29%
W Herring LB 25 89.29%
C Reynolds RB 20 71.43%
T Watts RB 19 67.86%
M McFadden LB 18 64.29%
C Harkey TE 16 57.14%
B Cunningham RB 13 46.43%
T McDonald SS 12 42.86%
E Gaines CB 12 42.86%
M Roberson CB 10 35.71%
T Johnson CB 9 32.14%
J McQuaide LS 9 32.14%
J Hekker P 9 32.14%
S Bailey WR 8 28.57%
T Austin WR 8 28.57%
L Joyner FS 8 28.57%
E Sims DE 7 25.00%
M Barron SS 7 25.00%
G Zuerlein K 7 25.00%
R Quinn DE 6 21.43%
A Donald DT 6 21.43%
A Carrington DT 6 21.43%
M Person G 6 21.43%
T Barnes C 6 21.43%
R McLeod FS 5 17.86%
W Hayes DE 5 17.86%
D Williams WR 5 17.86%
D Joseph G 3 10.71%
J Barksdale T 3 10.71%
G Robinson G 3 10.71%
L Kendricks TE 3 10.71%
C Givens WR 3 10.71%
B Jones C 3 10.71%
A Ogletree LB 2 7.14%
M Brockers DT 1 3.57%

Specials had a solid day yesterday as Benny Cunningham continued to provide plus starting field position. GZ got back on his mule with what proved to be the game-winning FG (thanks to a muffed Andy Lee punt), and Tavon Austin had his breakaway moment of the season called back on one of the hundred confusing referee issues of the day. Mid-season additions Will Herring and Marshall McFadden continue to contribute in large degree, and Barron was at least able to make his first contributions as a Ram.

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