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Random Ramsdom 11/28: Black Friday Edition

Hope everybody has recovered from the libation and tryptophan from yesterday. Stay safe and try not to get trampled today. GO RAMS!

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Back to Looking at Draft Odds | Football Outsiders

Ever think that the Rams are like an NBA team too bad to make the playoffs but too good to get a lottery pick?

RG3 To The Rams?

Oh god.... Please no!

Nick Wagoner Reax Piece HERE.

Rams Feed Less Fortunate | ESPN NFL Nation

Rams Players raised $35K to feed 2,000 people in need yesterday. A classy move by the team in what has been a Thanksgiving tradition since the team arrived in St. Louis.

Game Preview | ESPN NFL Nation

Weekly collaboration piece from ESPN. Usually worth a read. This week is no exception.

Chris Long Finally Set to Return | via AP

Looks Like we will finally see #91 on the field again. It may bee too little too late...but personally, I'm still holding out hope for 9-7. Call me insane if you wish :D

Pressers: Schotty & Fisher after Thursday's Practice

These are Always Fun | Rant Sports

Apparently it's going to be a long day for the Rams...

Matchups to Watch | Bleacher Report

Rams playmakers in focus here.

Rams-Raiders to Stay in St Louis | Pro Football Talk

There were whispers that the continuing issues in Ferguson could force Sunday's game to Indy. Don't believe them folks. Your Rams will play at the Ed this weekend.

Starting the Movement NOW!

Make sure you go out and Vote for your favorite Rams players today! Let's send some blue and gold to Honalulu!