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Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher & Shaun Hill Press Conference Transcript

Here's what the Rams' coach and QB had to say after Wednesday's practice.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher – Post-Practice – November 26, 2014

(Opening statement)
"We had a good practice."

(On if the team has bounced back after the tough loss this past Sunday)
"They’re back. We put it behind us. We looked at it, we overcame a lot of things in the game to have a chance to win and didn’t. Now we have an opponent that’s playing much better than their 1-10 record and they fully recognize that. They played New England in a close game. Went to Seattle played them in a close game. Both games against the Chargers were close games, I mean close games that are seven points or less. Then they beat Kansas City last week. We’ve played all of those teams so, our guys understand the kind of challenge that we have this week."

(On if players pay any attention to their opponent’s record)
"No. First and foremost they pay attention to the teams in the division. Then the uncommon opponents you have to get to know them and that’s the challenge this week. The Raiders, for example, I think the Raiders are giving up 3.8 yards a rush on defense, but they’re by far the most rushed against defense so they’re 28th or 29th in the league in rushing yards per game. But you have to look at things realistically to determine where they are. They’re probably top-five in rushing defense in average per rush. It’s a good football team."

(On the challenges the Raiders offense present)
"They’re highly skilled. The young quarterback is playing good football. He knows where to go with the ball. He gets rid of it quick. He’s got the ability to escape and scramble and move the chains. They like to run it and use play-action pass for protection. The tight ends are talented, they can get down the field. They use the play-action pass to get the ball to the backs in the check down. All of their backs, even (Raiders RB) Maurice Jones-Drew’s hard to get down in the open field when he’s got the ball in his hand. Our defense is going to have to play really well."

(On Raiders QB Derek Carr only being sacked 12 times)
"Their offensive line is playing good, but he’s getting rid of the ball. He understands where his problems are coming from. The offensive line is playing well and they’re using the backs to help on the edge against good edge rushers."

(On if he has talked to the team about what is going on in Ferguson, MO)
"We discussed it this morning. It’s just such a difficult situation. We had an opportunity to get involved in August with the three football teams and the organization has done some other things. Hopefully, as soon as things settle down then we’ll get back involved. As we talked as a group it’s our community, it’s their neighbors. Everybody cares deeply about what’s going on and hopes things can get settled as soon as possible."

(On if it’s hard for him to look away from game planning to see what is happening in Ferguson)
"No, it’s not hard. I think we all need to do that. We all need to know what’s going on in St. Louis, so we do. We’re very much aware of what’s going on."

(On OL Rodger Saffold playing the team that he almost signed with this past offseason)
"You know (OL Joe) Barksdale’s also playing a team that was his team for a year. I’m sure they’ll be highly motivated. Rodger’s having a great year, had the little setback with the shoulder, but he’s back and playing well as is Joe."

(On if DE Chris Long is close to returning this week)
"He’s coming on. He did a little bit more today."

(On what kind of boost Long can give to the defense)
"We’ve missed him. We’ve missed his production. We’ve missed the consistent year after year sack production and his ability to play the run. When he comes back it should help us improve in those areas."

(On if he has to activate Long this week or he will remain on IR for the rest of the season)
"I think it’s Monday."

(On if since the deadline is Monday he doesn’t have to activate Long this week)
"I don’t believe so. No, I think it’s Monday. Monday’s the 21st day I think."

(On if Long will start to lobby for play time)
"Yes, it’s already started."

(On if the fact that there is still a chance to make the playoffs motivates the team)
"Everybody’s going to finish. We’re going to approach every game no differently. They’re all the same. They’re all important. It’s the next one. I mean, deep down people think there’s some crazy stuff going on in the league right now, so we just have to keep playing."

(On if there is anything he can do to prevent opponents from scoring defensive touchdowns)
"We’re not trying to do it. It’s something unfortunately that’s happened. It’s been a communication breakdown on the line of scrimmage and a sack and a caused fumble or maybe an error in technique up front. It’s hard to win. We’ve talked about that, it’s hard to win when you’ve given up so many returns for touchdowns. Credit the Chargers for being able to overcome the (CB) Janoris Jenkins touchdown because usually when you get a defensive score you’re going to be victorious."

Rams QB Shaun Hill – Post-Practice – November 26, 2014

(On if he wishes he was playing tomorrow)
"Yeah, this one can’t come fast enough, but very excited to get in here today and get back to work."

(On if it feels good to get back to work and start preparing for the next game)
"Yeah absolutely, the best thing to do is get right back on that horse. So, yeah it was good to get back to work today."

(On if it’s hard to move on to the next game after the way the last one ended)
"Yeah, but it’s something you have to do in this league for sure. Whether it’s a big win or a tough loss you have to put it behind you quickly and go in with the same mindset every single week."

(On if he’s put the game behind him)

(On if the team’s help to put the last game behind him)
"I mean, I had a lot of support from guys on Sunday. We all understand this business and everybody knows how it works."

(On that even though he made some good plays all everyone can talk about is the interception)
"Yeah, that’s how it goes though at this position."

(On WR Stedman Bailey’s performance on Sunday)
"He had a good game and really he’s done a good job for us. We just have a lot of guys that can do great things for us and only one football out there. That was his chance on Sunday and he did a great job."

(On if Oakland is better than their 1-10 record)
"Absolutely, yeah. They’re a heck of a lot better than their record indicates for sure. You can tell that right away as soon as you put on the film. We’ve had some like opponents so their offense has been in some of our breakdowns in the past and you just sit there and good teams too and you watch the scoreboard and you’re like, ‘Man, these guys are in this game.’ They’ve been in most every ball game."

(On the Raiders defense and their blend of veterans and rookies)
"A lot of guys that have played a lot of good ball in this league for sure. Guys that have been around, been starters. Then they have some early picks that have stepped up and are playing well for them too. So, yeah they do they have a good blend of veterans and young guys, all of which are playing well."

(On how he views his performance from Sunday)
"Not good enough to win. Some good, some bad like every game. At the end of the day it wasn’t good enough to win. Luckily today is Wednesday and we’re on to the next opponent."

(On if having so many common opponents helps them prepare for the Raiders)
"Like I said, coming into this week we haven’t watched their defense. We’ve watched their offense against defenses that we were facing. I don’t think that necessarily helps, no."

(On if he feels that there isn’t a big gap between a 1-win team and a 10-win team)
"You’re exactly right. I say it every year, the difference between a 6-10 team and 10-6 team is one or two plays in four ball games out of 16. That’s the truth and you can expand that to a 4-12 team and a 12-4 team. It’s just the way this business is and this league, everybody’s a good team."

(On the team has talked about what is happening in Ferguson, MO)
"Well it’s hard not to for sure. Obviously, this is our community and we’re all saddened by what’s going on. Hopefully we can give the city something to look forward to on Sunday and something to watch and come together as a city and watch the Rams."