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Random Ramsdom; Back in the Game

As we catch up on today's Rams news, let's keep our thoughts and prayers with the folks in Ferguson, that that fractured community can find the healing it so desperately needs.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Fisher radio -101 Sports

Jeff goes through the list of what went wrong and what went right against the San Diego Chargers. Especially notable is his comments on the decision to pass vs run on that crucial last set of downs.

Are the Rams moving, part I -CBS Sports

Are the Rams moving, part II -CBS Sports

Granted, much is supposition, but this excellent series by Shane Gray is the bible, dictionary and thesaurus on any potential move right now. Read. Them.

Who is the most criticized quarterback in history?

Dang, I sure am glad I am not a Jets fan.

Richard Sherman goes off the deep end...actually, this is really funny...

Looking ahead -Bleacher Report

Before we look to the Raiders, I just want to interject that the San Diego game was almost an anomaly for this year. That is, it was a dog-fight from start to finish. Most games have been either lopsided the whole time, or the tale of two halves. This was a scraping fight against a worthy adversary, I hate that we lost, but it was competitive till the last seconds, with our Rams overcoming almost everything that was thrown at them. up- Raiders!

"Chiefs could regret loss to previously winless Raiders" -NFL

Um...ya think? Seriously, that is the name of that article.

Two 7-4 division rivals set to square off -Seattle Seahawks

Lots of playoff implications here. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

And now, from the right, honorable opposition -SF 49ers

I hope you noticed the superb British accent in the above link, I have put a lot of work into it.

Cardinals sign Michael Bush -NFL

The Cardinals have been having trouble on the ground, but this move smacks of desperation.

And here is today's theme song- dedicated to the hope that Chris Long will be back this week, to face his dad's old team...

Ram on!